Escape to Cabo offers vacation rentals to tourists and visitors coming to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Owners, Tom and Suzie Hagmeyer, first vacationed the area in 1992 and immediately fell in love with the scenery, weather, and culture. Visitors can rent from the company’s exceptional selection of housing options and concierge services to excursion activities and private yachts & sailboats.

Our Challenge

Escape to Cabo was looking for a stunningly beautiful platform to properly promote the gorgeous properties they have available for rental. Their rental management platform of choice, Kigo, had a lot of wonderful information and features that needed a home to display to the public – all under a more cohesive and visually-impactful Escape to Cabo brand.

  • Design a stunning website to promote rental properties
  • Integrate Kigo, the rental management platform
  • Store company information for the public
  • Reconstructed brand and website
  • Initiated an engaging, seamless experience
  • Streamlined and simplified booking process

Our Solution

TM proposed to not only reconstruct the Escape to Cabo brand within a new website but to construct a completely custom connection between Kigo and Wordpress. Information about each of the properties listed with the rental platform is synced in real-time to the website from pricing and amenities to property photographs and availability.

The result of the website build is an enticing and engaging experience for users that promotes professionalism and legitimacy of the Escape to Cabo brand while ensuring the latest and greatest offerings are logically displayed to prospective customers. Utilizing vibrant photographs and bright colors, we also created a very inviting design that lays out the locations and types of rentals Escape to Cabo offers. The website is also reinforced with testimonials and other activity links.

Within the rest of the website, filtering options are available to visitors so they can find the exact number of guests, bedrooms, location area, and pricing they are searching for. On each property page, TM made it all about the visuals. The first thing a user sees is a multi-photo grid synced in real-time with the listing within the Kigo rental platform. Additional information, including key information describing the property and its amenities, pricing, and availability, is available for visitors. 

At the end of the day, TM provided Escape to Cabo with a seamless experience that not only made their visitors more interested in utilizing them for their rental but also streamlined their internal process for promoting their properties to the public.

Visually Stunning and Responsive

TM crafted a beautiful design that accentuates the environment of the Escape to Cabo's rentals, while also promoting the professionalism and quality they are known for. As with all of our websites, we also ensured the website's presentation on smaller screens and mobile devices was not disregarded - creating an equally pleasing experience.

Custom Kigo Integration

Since there was not a proper Kigo to WordPress integration already, our developers rolled up their sleeves and did what they do best: built it ourselves in an efficient, powerful, and effective way. The integration allows for information about each of the properties Escape to Cabo manages within the Kigo platform to be posted on the website in real-time.

Intuitive Interface

Above all else, this rebuild was about the user and making it a more impactful experience for them. We ensured to display relevant information about locations and featured properties on the homepage, allowed for filtering on rental listing pages, and provided a layout of relevant information based on existing user research and industry trends.