Epilepsy Detroit

Educating patients, caregivers, community members, and leaders about epileptic diseases and treatments leads to a healthier community and builds stronger connections with healthcare providers. Epilepsy Detroit aims to educate the African American community in Detroit by providing resources about epilepsy and seizures.

Our Challenge

The goal of the Epilepsy Detroit website is to offer educational tools to community members to raise the awareness of seizures and epilepsy in urban environments. The website had to display a large amount of information in a logical, user-friendly way. Epilepsy Detroit also wanted to include a quiz section and blog feature to educate users and gather information for future studies. The website needed to have a captivating look and feel that made users want to explore so that they would interact with the quiz.

  • Design a content-focused website
  • Create a user-friendly way to display educational materials
  • Provide a unique, welcoming brand image
  • Responsive on all devices
  • Beautiful, vibrant design made to help educate
  • Modernized brand

Our Solution

Epilepsy Detroit was just a concept when they came to TM. They had no branding, no logo, and no official name. TM helped Epilepsy Detroit find their brand and present it to the world with their new website. They really liked the website that TM built for MS Impact Detroit, so TM built one for them that had all the same elements as the MS Impact Detroit site but was customized for Epilepsy Detroit’s needs.

The new website includes an intuitive Knowledge Center that takes users through different articles and resources in a curated path, so that the user is directed down a logical content journey. The content-rich web pages link together seamlessly to engage users and help educate the target audience.

Knowledge Center

TM’s website for Epilepsy Detroit focused on providing educational material in an easy-to-read format. TM designed the “Knowledge Center” to make it simple for users to browse different topics and resources, with each section linking to the next when users reach the bottom so they don't need to search through navigation bars to find the next appropriate topic.

Custom Survey & Form Logic

When Epilepsy Detroit came to TM to build their website, they knew that they wanted the website to help them continue their research. TM developers constructed a custom survey form with Gravity Forms that uses logic to only display relevant form fields based on what a participant fills out.

Home Page Blog Feature

In order to make the website a living education resource that gets updated frequently, Epilepsy Detroit wanted to have a blog. To bring the latest updates to the home page, TM designed an “Epilepsy EDU” section that automatically displays the most recent blog posts.