English Gardens: Landscaping Page Refresh

English Gardens is a family-owned, award-winning landscape company in Metro Detroit. Dedicated to beautifying homes, gardens, and holidays, English Gardens offers five retail garden centers and four full-service floral shops with experts who can help customers with landscaping services from concept to completion.

Our Challenge

Beyond the original website rebuild, we began revisiting each department section of the English Gardens website in order to evaluate their performance and identify improvements that could be made. One of the most highly visited departments is Landscaping, and we wanted to make changes prior to their busy season.

  • Evaluating department pages’ performances
  • Establishing a list of website improvements
  • Increasing visibility of Landscaping page
  • Evaluating the experience of users on the English Gardens website
  • Enhancing visual and functional features
  • Reorganizing website structure for users

Our Solution

TM began with a series of anonymous user testing tactics for several weeks - recording user sessions to evaluate behavior, compiling heatmaps to track where visitors are clicking, and pouring over analytics data to come to a conclusion on what people were looking for.

With that information, we were able to compile a list of very specific visual, functional, and organizational modifications that would aim to improve the target audience’s experience. The result was a completely-restructured and visually-beautiful overall Landscaping page that provides topic-specific content. This helped with catering information to what a visitor was looking for, be it DIY guidance or hiring the professional landscaping team of English Gardens.

Individual pages were then re-organized to provide detailed information about the topics visitors were actually searching for, such as hiring a Garden Coach, tapping into EG's ready-made landscape design templates, or verifying the legitimacy of EG's professional landscaping team. On each page, we also added improved calls-to-action that were relevant to what visitors were seeking to entice their interaction and promote conversion.

All in all, the new Landscaping section on the English Gardens website provides a highly tailored experience for an audience that is seeking landscaping tips, tricks, and services.

Overhauled Landscaping Page

The Landscaping landing page received a visual overhaul with a custom design that still feels like English Gardens but is tailored specifically for the newly-organized presentation of content and calls-to-action that we identified in our user testing as being necessary.

Organized For Optimization

The pages of content that exist within the Landscaping section have been re-organized to bring prominent information to the forefront, with new pages and content being created to support topics that real English Gardens visitors are searching for.

Improved Calls-To-Action

Each Landscaping page has calls-to-action strategically modified and added to entice the current users to contact English Gardens, based on their behavior that's been recording and evaluated with screen recordings, heatmaps, and Google Analytics data.