As a subsidiary under Murray & Peter Present, Drag Fans is a touring company that brings top drag talent to the stage throughout the United States and Canada. Fans and queens alike enjoy their outrageous live productions, which is translated into the website experience.

Drag Fans Logo

Our Challenge

Drag Fans came to Trademark Productions with a problem we see quite often: their website was built and managed by a freelancer who was unable to accommodate the client’s functional and visual requests. After months of frustration, the client sought out a more professional and qualified partner for handling their website needs.

Initially, TM spent months fixing issues and adding new features to the existing site, but the website simply didn’t meet Drag Fans’ needs. It was time for a full website rebuild. The new Drag Fans website needed to have functionality that makes it easy for Drag Fans to manage their tour information, integrate seamlessly with the client’s marketing platforms and third-party paywall, and be able to accommodate high amounts of traffic, among other requests. At the core of the rebuild was the design, which needed to illustrate the glamor and boldness of the client’s brand while also staying within the realm of class and tastefulness. We had our work cut out for us.

  • Provide a user-friendly admin interface for managing multiple tours at a time with options for tour dates, locations, ticket links, and the featured queens of the tour.
  • Ensure the approved design translates well responsively onto mobile devices.
  • Collect geo-location data for new email newsletter sign-ups.
  • Integrate with a third-party paywall service for PPV events.
  • Set up the server environment with considerations for high traffic demands.
  • Responsive design with special considerations for touch devices.
  • Organized admin area for managing Queens and Tours.
  • Integration of Subscribe and Contact forms with Mailchimp.
  • Integration of a third-party paywall for PPV events.
  • Hosted on a robust cloud server with the ability to customize resources based on demand.

Our Solution

We worked within tight time constraints while ensuring the site met and exceeded the client’s expectations. After several design iterations, we were able to reflect the audaciousness and glamour of the brand in a non-stereotypical and original way. We chose to utilize various angles and tears between the sections on each page to break up the normalcy of a regular, horizontally linear site.

As a result of the complex layout, our development team put extra focus on ensuring the design presented well on small screen devices.  Regardless of the device width, content flows comfortably and appropriate spacing is maintained. We also made necessary updates to the menu to ensure users could use touch gestures on both the desktop and mobile navigations.

On top of a fresh design, the new Drag Fans website allowed the client to do much more with it than just promote shows. In addition to integrating with external marketing tools and a paywall service, the client can now easily manage tour information in an organized and simple way. The client can even add custom image galleries to any page to document each show as it happens. To top it all off, we crafted a flexible server solution that can accommodate as many or as few users as desired while saving the client money - all to ensure that the website is at its peak performance at its busiest and most crucial times.

Tours Manager

We developed custom post types for managing Tours and the Queens associated with them. The admin area provides a single-page interface for managing each tour and all of the show dates associated with it.  Each show can be customized with location, date, time, and the queens attending. Admats can easily be uploaded alongside images to create a tour-specific photo gallery.

Mailchimp Integration

Since Drag Fans does a great deal of their marketing through email blasts, we made an effort to encourage email signups on every page. Location data is collected through conditional form logic as new users sign up, which is gathered and merged into Mailchimp to allow regional and geo-specific campaigns to be executed.

Cloud Server

This domain is hosted on a completely separate cloud server to allow us to allocate more or less resources by way of RAM and processing power based on demand.  In times of expected spikes, like when new tours are announced or when tickets go on sale, we can ramp up the server resources just for the time needed and then bring it back down after the rush. This flexibility saves the client money by not paying for excessive server capabilities except when necessary.