Digital Print Specialties

A company that has stood the test of time for almost 100 years, DPS has seen a world of change and is a true leader in the world of digital printing.

Evolving, like the changing world around them, the DPS website needed to represent their modern-day capabilities and tout a colorful, diverse design. With projects such as acoustic paneling, canvas and mural wall coverings DPS’s website also needed to be well organized. A client portal would be crafted to facilitate the seamless completion of projects and information sharing.

In addition to a new website, TM designed a logo for DPS that fully represented both the industry and brought to life their colorful capabilities. We chose a site structure that laid out each fabric, patterned wall covering, and acoustic panel in an easy-to-navigate fashion.

Coupling this functionality with filtering capabilities elevated the website’s user experience even further. Clients are now able to easily upload photo assets for their project directly to the website, via a customized client portal.

To this day TM advises DPS on social media best practices, blogging, and online marketing. We enjoy great working relationship, maintaining and improving the DPS website in order to work toward our client’s continued success.