Founded in 2008, Dataspeed Inc. has been transforming the automotive, mobility, and industrial industries through the highly-specialized development of drive-by-wire Autonomous Vehicles (AV). From highly-complex software engineering to dynamic mechanical systems, Dataspeed’s expert engineers understand the electronics, software and hardware applications needed to develop innovative solutions.

Our Challenge

Dataspeed came to TM with the goal of rebuilding their entire website in a very short time frame, needing it up and ready when they attended an industry event that was only 2 months away. The new site needed to have unique page layouts for their different products, easy-to-edit customizable sections to edit themselves long-term, and strong branding represented throughout. TM took on the challenge and created a beautifully-designed website that was ready for the event.

  • Build a fully-functional website in a short time frame
  • Implement strong branding throughout the website
  • Transfer existing content to the new website
  • Intricate and cohesive design
  • Customized page layouts for varying content
  • Easy-to-edit content sections throughout

Our Solution

To bring Dataspeed’s vision to life, TM designed a website from the ground up based on certain brand elements, shapes, and colors. The resulting website beautifully displays the best of Dataspeed through interactive visuals and well-presented information.

As part of our plan, we also constructed easily-editable fields on each of the page layouts, allowing for Dataspeed to quickly change content and photos throughout almost every portion of the website without needing to know any code, or access any theme files. On the homepage, we found an opportunity to automatically display the latest posts from the blog so that there was always fresh content, in addition to allowing for a video to be utilized for the homepage banner. TM also migrated Dataspeed’s old blog posts over to the new site and reformatted them to match the look and feel of the new website.

On top of it all, TM completed every need and goal for the project on time. The time between writing the first line of code and launching the site happened in just over a month.

Custom Page Templates

Dataspeed wanted the internal pages for their two main products to be unique and identifiable from one another. TM designed two separate page layouts for the products to make the content distinguishable. TM also included easy-to-edit content fields that allow Dataspeed to easily update each product's content whenever they need to.

Intricate & Cohesive Design

Dataspeed’s engineers have a very “measured” way of thinking and wanted this to come through in the overall website design. TM turned this mindset into something visual by emphasizing angles and using specific shapes throughout the design. TM worked with Dataspeed to make the vision they had in their heads a reality their customers could enjoy.

Language Translation Capabilities

Because the AV industry spans worldwide, many of Dataspeed’s website visitors are outside of the US. This created the need for Dataspeed’s website to be available in a multitude of languages. TM included a language translator feature on every page to reach as many potential clients as possible on the fly, without needing to hand-translate each page into each language.