Founded by Jerry Innes and Mike Lotito in 1992, the team at CPA Nerds isn’t your average group of accountants. Not only do they love accounting, they have a good time doing it.

The Challenge

The CPA Nerds envisioned a website that could represent their unique personalities. This meant that TM needed to design a website that could combine corporate professionalism with sass, spunk, and tons of CPA puns.

CPA Nerds

Our Approach

TM was up for the challenge, to say the least. We utilized playful illustrations and bright primary colors which we wove throughout the site. This created an experience that was full of personality, without having to sacrifice the core brand message and professionalism. Each bean (one to rule them all!) was customized by the TM team and used throughout the website. As you may have noticed, we had great fun creating the CPA Nerds website and have enjoyed having them as clients for years!

What's on our mind?

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