Innes & Lotito, P.C. is a certified public accounting firm located in Macomb Township, Michigan started by Jerry Innes & Mike Lotito in October 1992. While CPA Nerds doesn’t perceive themselves as being a company that is overly serious, stiff, introverted, or lacking in personality, they are still nerds at heart.

CPA Nerds Logo

Our Challenge

Longtime clients of Trademark Productions, CPA Nerds came to us in hopes of creating more content to promote the Nerds’ knowledge about taxes & finances in a fun, refreshing way. They wanted to provide more value to their customers while simultaneously expanding their online presence. TM got to the drawing table and came up with a creative solution.

  • Create content to show off the Nerds’ tax knowledge
  • Provide outlets for engagement with CPA Nerds' clients (current and potential)
  • Expand upon and add value to the CPA Nerds brand
  • Write, produce, and publish branded videos to educate clients
  • Publish blog posts regularly to the CPA Nerds website
  • Curate monthly newsletters

Our Solution

When CPA Nerds came to us with this project, TM brainstormed the crazy idea of starting a puppet show. Not just any puppet show, though: a zany, informational, and, albeit, nerdy puppet show curated for the internet. We generate videos of the show that are 1-2 minutes in length and educate CPA Nerds’ clients about tax tips, how to use their online portal, and more.

On top of creating educational videos from start to finish, TM also creates blog content, manages the CPA Nerds social media, and sends out monthly newsletters to CPA Nerds’ clients.

Creating regular video content is new to both CPA Nerds and TM, and thus came with a set of challenges. As a result, TM has a streamlined process for creating web video content, and plans to expand our operation for TM itself and other clients in the near future!

Educational Blogs

The CPA Nerds blog had gone a bit stale over the years, so TM decided to help out with curating regular blog posts to benefit CPA Nerds’ clients. The Nerds write short blurbs about topics, and we do the rest, including adding headings, optimizing for search, and ensuring the blogs’ readability.


There’s nothing nerdier or more nostalgic than a puppet show. TM did something completely new and created a video series starring our strange collection of puppets. From character creation and script writing to casting, filming, and production, TM went all out to create a series that expanded upon the existing zaniness of the CPA Nerds brand.

Monthly Mailchimp Newsletters

Now that CPA Nerds has all of this fresh new content, they needed a way to summarize it and share it with their client base. What better way to share a summary of updates than a newsletter? TM currently gathers the most relevant content from their blog and puts it into a condensed newsletter that is sent to over 600 CPA Nerds clients monthly