Cotterman Company was established in 1925 in Chicago, Illinois. In the mid-1940s, Cotterman introduced the rolling steel warehouse ladder, a form of rolling staircase designed to access nearly anything out of reach in industrial or commercial environments. Gradually, rolling ladders became the core product line and Cotterman became the brand the industry associated with quality rolling ladders.

Cotterman Store Logo

Our Challenge

After successfully optimizing their primary website,, Cotterman wanted TM to build an ecommerce website where they can sell replacement parts for their products. The design needed to be fresh and new, yet stay within the same brand guidelines as their existing catalog site. The ecommerce site also needed to integrate with Cotterman’s existing administrative and logistical processes, like shipping, accounting, customer account management, inventory management, and more.

  • Design and build an ecommerce site that follows Cotterman’s branding
  • Integrate with Cotterman’s existing administrative processes
  • Provide a unique user role for managing the store with limited WordPress permissions
  • Opt-in checkbox at checkout for Mailchimp mailing list subscription
  • Automatic drip campaigns for abandoned carts
  • Integrated with UPS, Mailchimp, Braintree, and Avalara

Our Solution

TM built the Cotterman Store website using WooCommerce, our preferred ecommerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce seamlessly integrates with UPS, Mailchimp, Braintree, and Avalara, giving Cotterman all the functionality they need.

The new website also uses logic when users abandon their carts and automatically sends them an email reminding them where they left off. This not only increases conversions, but it also helps Cotterman see user behavior on their website and collects data they can use to further improve user experience later on. As Cotterman’s introduction to ecommerce, this site opens up many opportunities for the company to generate sales online while also collecting data about their customers.

Featured Videos for Products

When pictures aren’t enough, Cotterman can upload product feature videos to help customers see and understand what it is they’re purchasing. Since the Cotterman Store sells small, and often intricate, replacement parts for their ladders, it’s important to customers to understand if they are ordering the correct part. Videos are an excellent way to instill confidence in customers.

Smart Integrations

WooCommerce allows the Cotterman Store to integrate all of their administrative tools. The UPS integration provides accurate shipping quotes, address verification, and tracking info. Braintree processes payments, while Avalara provides real-time tax rates with each purchase on the fly.

Drip Campaign

Using WooCommerce’s Mailchimp integration, Cotterman can not only track abandoned carts, but also drop them into an automated drip campaign. The campaign follows up with customers after they’ve abandoned their cart, offering discounts or other call-to-action items to compel them to complete their order.