Club Scientific

Club Scientific is a unique children’s science enrichment company dedicated to spreading the love of science. Founded in 1997, they encourage school-age kids to question, observe, identify, and measure with science through hands-on experiments and experiences.

Club Scientific logo | Teacher and kids in boat with trees in the back

Our Challenge

Club Scientific sought out TM to set them up for better online success. Their corporate website was lacking features and a modern design. Each of their many franchises had its own individual website, which essentially replicates the corporate website. On top of this, the ability to manage each of these individual franchise websites was severely inefficient, as any content needed to be edited via the code itself.

Club Scientific wanted to change this. They wanted their new website to be a modern and easy-to-manage platform to present all of their franchise and company information in a clear, visually-exciting way to address their audience. They also wanted their franchises to be able to edit the information themselves in an equally-easy-to-manage way as the corporate website was to be.

  • Create better success online
  • Develop a modern and easy-to-manage website
  • Present a visually-exciting website for audience
  • Refreshed the Club Scientific brand
  • Merged franchise websites into the single corporate website
  • Established additional custom permissions for each franchise

Our Solution

Our first step was giving the overall Club Scientific website a design and code overhaul. We refreshed the brand, created a more modern visual experience that was also responsive, and constructed a completely unique design based on our TM Base Code. 

As part of this, we also merged each of the franchise websites into this single corporate website, while still allowing each to have their own unique “section.” This allowed for all of the franchises to derive their look-and-feel from one set of website code, which only requires changes to colors, layouts or functionality to be done once instead of once for each franchise. Additionally, we could create custom permissions that allow each franchise user to manage their “section” via an administration interface, so they can keep their own content up to date and accurate.

Cap it off with a handful of key differentiating features, such as an interactive location map of franchises and the ability to gather career applications on a per franchise basis, and Club Scientific is ready to expand into the future.

Interactive Location Map

Under Find a Location, each Club Scientific program location is listed on an interactive country map that auto-populates information, so there are no manual updates. Website visitors are able to see where programs are located by clicking the pin. The View Franchise button gives users a full experience into their location.

Franchise Pages

Each Club Scientific location has its own content-specific pages on the corporate website with a similar look and feel. Every location offers the same mission, but not always the same programs. Locations are able to promote their programs through TM‘s program configurations.  Additionally, Club Scientific admin users are only allowed access to the franchise they are connected to.   

Cool Scientific Visuals

Enticing website visitors and kids alike, TM incorporated cool scientific elements throughout the website design. From engaging photos and rocketship icons to environmental elements like trees, galaxies, and layers of the Earth, Club Scientific is now showcased in a fun way that appeals to the modern audience of any age.

Corporate Settings

The Admin interface allows for corporate admins to set and edit various default settings for franchise pages. These include page components, such as banners, footer call-action-content, page block content, FAQ content, etc. These default settings can be overwritten by each Franchise at their level. Corporate admins also have access to edit any of the Franchise locations content, allowing them to ensure franchise content adheres to corporate policies.