Braun & Associates

Braun & Associates is a certified public accountant and business advisory firm that deeply values the long lasting relationships they form with their clients. They happily serve the Metro Detroit and Michigan area.

Braun Logo

Our Challenge

The firm’s young, knowledgeable, and hardworking founder disliked the usual stuffy feeling that most CPA firm’s websites convey.

Braun & Associates believes in treating every client as if they are close friends and truly investing in their success and wanted his website to be the perfect representation of Braun & Associates.

A modern and inviting website design was going to be the perfect solution.

  • One-page site design that's easy to scroll
  • Strongly convey the firm's values
  • Design a modern and welcoming website
  • Completely overhauled the company's branding
  • Wrote website copy and brand messaging
  • Utilized a parallax scrolling effect

Our Solution

The original Braun & Associates logo didn’t represent the modern, fresh look they desired for the new website so, we got to work right away. Creating a new bold logo, that was drastically different in look, feel and color than the original set the tone for the new website.

While the design team worked to create a new logo, our copywriting team hashed out the website’s content. Working closely with the founder of Braun & Associates, both the content and the logo truly conveyed exactly what the firm stands for.

To keep the website clean and simple, the final one-page layout utilized a parallax scrolling effect and smooth-scrolling section anchoring. Paired with cool blue tones and natural imagery. From the content, to the design, Braun & Associates were very happy with their new look and feel.

Redesigned Logo

TM's team worked directly with the firm's founder to create a logo better suited to who Braun & Associates truly is.

Beautiful Design

Clean lines and diagonal section breakup creates a visually appealing user experience as they scroll through the website.

Easy Contact Info & Directions

Another main goal of the website was to simply give clients an easy way to find contact information, and we did just that!