Boy Scouts of America – Michigan Crossroads Council

The Michigan Crossroads Council is a unique branch of the Boy Scouts of America, created by merging nine councils in the Lower Michigan Peninsula. The Michigan Crossroads Council works hard to oversee various properties, personnel, and programs associated with the Boy Scouts of America. Being such a large organization, it hadn’t taken long for their original website to become an outdated and unorganized mess.

Boy Scouts of America Logo

Our Challenge

With so many people visiting their website on a daily basis, the Michigan Crossroads Council jumped at the opportunity to clean up the website and modernize it as well. This total website overhaul made it possible for a better system to be developed, allowing specific users to manage their assigned portion of the website.

  • Create a clean, modern website
  • Build a custom admin interface for easy website management
  • Complete a full website redesign
  • Designed a beautiful, modern website consistent with the Boy Scouts of America's branding
  • Created new site navigation and properly organized content
  • Built an online store, along with the new admin interface

Our Solution

In order to modernize their current website, TM created a brand new website design, still staying consistent with the Boy Scouts of America’s branding. With an extraordinary amount of content requiring frequent accessibility by many people, content organization and structure was of utmost importance. In order to improve the overall user experience, TM mapped out a more organized site navigation and made the website fully responsive on all devices.

The Michigan Crossroads Council also needed an online store in order to sell their many Boy Scout related products and attire. TM integrated WooCommerce, creating a visually appealing store shoppers could use easily. Each portion of the new Michigan Crossroads Council website was exactly what the client wanted. At the final website launch everyone was ecstatic about the look, feel, and overall ease of use of the new website.

Designed with User Experience in Mind

Easy-to-navigate plus easy-to-look-at was our MO for this project!

Extensive Role-Based Editing

We created an environment where different departments could easily assign and edit portions of the website to manage.

Showcasing a Variety of Content

When we say content, we mean it. The website houses a huge amount of content, so showcasing it aesthetically and logically was paramount.