Led by renowned hockey performance innovator Darryl Belfry, the Belfry Hockey team travels internationally teaching players of all levels the skills that separate. From high school teams to the NHL pros they work with, the Belfry Hockey team believes that every single player, regardless of age or skill level, needs personal development and a detailed learning strategy. Belfry Hockey is dedicated to building the best player possible, through in-person training, video review, and dedicated coaching.

Belfry Hockey Website Development

Our Challenge

Already an extremely successful entrepreneur and skill coach that works with professional hockey players in Canada, as well as the United States, Darryl came to the TM team with a great vision. Having just launched his own stick, the EB2 Spider, the website needed to accurately and precisely detail the stick's strengths, act as an e-commerce platform.

Belfry Hockey also puts on many development camps, like Belfry Super 64, and events throughout North America. A dedicated space on the website needed to be developed in order for talented individuals to apply for each camp, learn what to expect from their experience, and stay updated on dates and locations.

Darryl already had a logo and brand colors, so TM would need to draw inspiration to what had already been established - and improve upon it.

  • Highlight the Eb2 Spider
  • Create an interactive design
  • Communicate brand quality & event offerings
  • Create a social media presence
  • Implement Email Marketing & Blog writing solutions
  • Well-branded website that's UX and SEO first
  • Marketing outline and product strategy
  • Future functionality video live stream in-progress
  • Branded social media profiles
  • Branded Belfry Hockey newsletter
  • Marketing strategy and budget breakdowns
  • eCommerce for products and online training subscription

Our Solution

Web Design & Development Solutions

Building a website is never as simple as "just building a website." More so building a professional hockey website requires strong proper copywriting, clean framework and a fast website, all for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. Every website we build is SEO-first, and this build was no different.

The new website design pulled from Belfry Hockey's already-established brand and logo, highlighting the black, red, and white color pallet. The moment you land on the website's home page, you're instantly thrown into the cutting-edge, interactive design that depicts the professionalism of the Belfry Hockey team and brand.

In order to create a great, interactive experience online, the TM team integrated custom-shot video into the homepage design. By creating an intro and also utilizing high-quality video in various sections, website visitors are able to see the quality of coaching Belfry Hockey offers, skill development, see what happens in development camps like Belfry Super 64, and even watch the Eb2 Spider in motion.

An events section was created in order to highlight event dates, locations, provide sign-up forms and also give details such as:

  • Development Focus
  • Training Environment
  • Event Calendars &
  • Videos

TM also created Our Store, where visitors and teammates can go to purchase the Eb2 Spider stick, as well as Belfry Hockey swag.

That's not all, either. The TM team is currently working on live-streaming capabilities that will allow Belfry Hockey to stream training sessions and seminars live, online for people who cannot attend. It's going to be epic. Stay tuned!

Digital Marketing Solutions

In addition to website development, the TM Marketing team got to work updating Belfry Hockey's brand, overall design, and creating his branded social media platforms.

Branding, Newsletter Design & Social Media Management

The TM design team enhanced the current Belfry Hockey logo with a few design modifications and made it clean and modern. In addition to ensuring the entire Belfry Hockey website was a great example of the Belfry brand, the TM design team also created branded design assets for the new Belfry Hockey social media presence. This included:

  • Profile Pictures
  • Cover Photos
  • Story Cover Photos

In order to update the Belfry Hockey brand on all platforms, TM incorporated imagery directly from the new website into each social platform so that cover photos would be completely consistent on social and the website.

Since the Belfry Hockey team decided to retain TM for monthly maintenance, that time also would go toward some general marketing and social media management. In addition to spending time on social, we created branded Belfry Hockey newsletters, wrote additional website copy, and put a plan in place to market products and events online.

Now that the Belfry Hockey website touts a fresh design and is live, the fun starts for the TM Marketing team. We've created a foundation for marketing and brand growth, crafted a marketing plan and complete budget breakdown, and are ready to get to work. Follow along as we implement our strategies and see what Belfry Hockey will be up to next!

Custom Event Management

Since Belfry Hockey holds many high demand events, with lots of details and logistics, TM built a custom event management portal to support it. Registration and pay can be handled separately, with in-depth technical information collected from registrants, with the information being collected in the website's backend upon signup. Even varying currencies can be assigned based on hosting country.

Handcrafted Stick Wizard

We hand-built a calculator to tell users what EB2 Spider hockey stick works best for them based on information like: player gender, handedness (right or left), height and weight.

Distinct Page Layout

Many of the pages required their own unique layout and page break. This was especially true for the EB2 Stick page. The TM team flexed our creative muscles to achieve an imaginative and interactive setup for each of these completely customized pages.