Behaviour Innovations

Behaviour Innovations is a private agency providing Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) services to children, young adults, and their families. Services include home and center-based Intense Behaviour Intervention, behaviour support for school-aged children, supported inclusion in school settings, diagnostic assessments, and recreational programming for young adults with developmental disabilities.

Behaviour Innovations Website Build

Our Challenge

Behaviour Innovations (BI) approached TM in need of an all-new website to be built in a short amount of time. BI has an important mission, so making this apparent through the website design and content was important.

BI’s previous website was built on an old version of the Content Management System, Drupal, and hadn’t been touched in a long time. Their new website needed to have a fresh look and feel, be fast and responsive on all devices, and reflect the company’s overall mission.

  • Create an all-new website on a better platform
  • Design a website that illustrates BI's mission
  • Include visuals to break up large sections of written content
  • Created a speedy website that responds to all screen sizes
  • Included a place to post job openings
  • Utilized strong imagery to draw in visitors

Our Solution

The new website is a major improvement compared to the old one and will provide a huge boost to BI’s reputation within their industry.

We made a point to display large, colorful, high-quality images that capture the attention of site visitors. These show how the company interacts with the children they help and engage visitors to continue exploring the site. On top of that, most of the content areas are easily editable from the admin dashboard, making updating website content simple and intuitive.

Quick Turnaround

The project timeline for this website build was shorter than usual. BI desperately needed a new website and was determined to see a quick turnaround. Because the build was straightforward for TM, it was no problem getting from start to finish in a short amount of time.

TM Job Posting Plugin

Our custom TM Job Posting Plugin gives BI the ability to publish and manage job postings with ease, all while email notifications of new applicants are sent to the right people. The plugin also includes a submission database built right into WordPress, making it simple for BI to manage.

Intuitive Content Editor

BI’s previous Drupal website was difficult to manage and update. TM helped them make the switch to WordPress to make content updates simple. We also installed various meta boxes on the site to allow them to edit just about every detail on their new site. Lastly, TM installed Yoast SEO to allow BI to be more visible on search engines.