BC Construction Group (BCCG)

BC Construction Group (BCCG) provides viable solutions for their construction clients’ facility needs in a variety of specialized markets. With diverse areas of expertise, BCCG brings one-of-a-kind solutions, from beginning to end.

BC Construction Group - BCCG Logo

Our Challenge

BCCG’s old website had wonderful information on it but wasn’t up to par in some areas. This included difficulties accessing and navigating certain pages. The website also lacked organization in its Project Portal. The Project Portal is a section that BCCG wanted to use to show future clients and site visitors previous construction projects, but couldn’t because of its current state.

Additionally, the website was in need of a visual refresh. Their existing website had a black background and images scattered everywhere on each page. BCCG wanted a fresh design, where their clients and visitors would be engaged to view more of the site and what they had to offer. 

Due to these concerns, they approached TM. They wanted a clean website that could get their points across, such as who they are, what kind of projects they handle, and the progress of them.

  • Create a clean website to communicate who BCCG is
  • Present a fresh, vivid design
  • Eliminate the lackluster layout and organization
  • Established a new look to reflect on their expertise and position
  • Reinvigorated BCCG’s brand look and feel
  • Provided a extensible platform for them to grow online

Our Solution

TM rebuilt BCCG’s website to reflect their expertise, position, and brand while engaging with their audience through education in various components. With a modern cutting-edge design, the new website includes pops of blue to help its branding colors stand out. TM utilized diagonal elements to generate more interest and excitement, giving it a very unique feel to set it apart from your average construction company site. 

Throughout the pages of the website, we designed unique rows to display information in a way that is more engaging for the user. Images were placed within website pages, next to headings and content to help reinforce their capabilities and values.

Our design team also created custom icons to go with each of the markets that BCCG serves, including warehouse and distribution, charter and private schools, manufacturing and R&D, commercial/retail, and senior living. 

Additionally, it was important to create a lasting effect for initial visitors on the homepage. We created an impressive video banner that shows who BCCG is and what they do. This 30-second video is compiled from a series of construction site time-lapses and image assets that BCCG provided to us.

BCCG is now one of our dedicated monthly maintenance clients, where we work with them on website updates, hosting, and maintenance.

Project Camera Feed

BCCG chose to incorporate a third-party program that takes users to an external page to view construction site camera feeds. TM integrated the ability to easily list these camera feeds on their website without needing to know code. These feeds display the progress of specific project sites for potential customers to understand how extensive BCCG’s capabilities are.

Project Examples

We installed TM’s Project Gallery plugin to help showcase and organize all of BCCG’s completed construction projects. The projects showcase their capabilities and experience of the clients’ construction sites they serve. Sectioned into project categories, users can view specific projects and their details, including project highlights and images.

Advanced Page Design

Knowing that BCCG wanted to showcase their content and capabilities in a unique fashion, we crafted unique page visuals and layouts to be used on all internal pages in order to allow each page to be more interesting, and more appropriate for displaying its content.