Barton Malow Company

Michigan-based construction giant Barton Malow prides itself on offering the latest and most innovative services and solutions to clients throughout the United States (and has the awards to prove it). They’re a full-service firm that’s been involved in projects like the Karmanos-Crittenton Cancer Center, John Paul Jones Multipurpose Arena at the University of Virginia, Detroit Metropolitan Airport North Terminal and the Spring Training Facility for the San Francisco Giants Baseball.

Batron Malow Logo

Our Challenge

Barton Malow needed a way to showcase all of their fantastic work to their current and prospective customers. As cutting edge as they are, the Barton Malow website remained an outdated, sore spot in desperate need of a makeover.

The new website would match the advancements Barton Malow has continued to make through the years, as well as provide an easy way to access their massive project portfolio.

  • Completely redesign and rebuild the Barton Malow website
  • Showcase their capabilities & past projects
  • Complete the project on a strict deadline
  • Designed a brand new look & website feel
  • Featured an advanced breakdown of projects
  • Created a prominent & easy-to-find bid list

Our Solution

TM’s dev team mapped out an aggressive timeline and hammered out details on the new website’s software. Our mission was to create the website Barton Malow envisioned it could be – in order to lead their company into the future.

Now, their bid lists for potential suppliers are prominent and easy to find, and also feature an advanced breakdown of their projects by office, state, and market. Information about their corporate culture, careers, and services are also broken down by area.

The new website is easy-to-navigate and offers a fresh, appealing presentation for the discerning eye.


TM completely redesigned the Barton Malow website simply, for easy navigation and project showcase.

Custom Project Search

To account for Barton Malow's many projects, TM created a custom project search capability. Projects are sorted by market, office, state, LEED Status and service.

Project Bid List

TM created a project bid list that's sorted by work category, market, project, project delivery, location, and due date.