Aunt Mid’s is a family-owned wholesaler, processor, and regional product distributor who introduced fresh, convenient, and healthy eating to consumers via packaged produce. Over 50 years ago, Aunt Mid’s started its product line with spinach and has grown to include a variety of delicious, fresh, and precut product.

The Challenge

Aunt Mid’s approached TM looking to revamp their online presence with an intuitive display of their products and information. The TM team was tasked with designing and building a site that emphasized the freshness of their products, allowing wholesalers, retailers, and consumers to review product information and packaging prior to purchase.

Aunt Mid's

Our Approach

In designing the Aunt Mid’s website, TM’s team looked to harness the unique characteristics of their already well-known and recognizable brand. In doing so, we placed an emphasis on the products themselves and their natural, wholesome beauty. The resulting design was fresh, colorful, and modern – the perfect nod to all Aunt Mid’s has accomplished so far. The website is very user-friendly, and focused on the integrity of the produce.

What's on our mind?

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