Aqua Star uses its 30+ years of experience to create quality above-ground pools for customers across North America. Aqua Star pools are made to easily integrate with existing or new decks and landscaping. They are the first choice of both DIY handymen and industry professionals alike. Each pool is manufactured to the highest quality industry standards.

Aquastar Logo

Our Challenge

Aqua Star came to TM in need of a general content refresh. In addition, the AquaStar website also needed an SSL, an SEO overhaul, updated contact information, and bug removal.

On top of this, Aqua Star also wanted a way to make the sales process easier and more effective. Previously, they would manually respond to each contact request with an email clouded by wordiness, large attachments, and repetitive information. Aqua Star also wanted to set up some basic Google Ads to increase the number of prospects they received daily. TM took on these challenges with ease.

  • Fix website bugs and update content
  • Create an automated bounceback email for new contact requests
  • Refresh marketing materials & update document branding
  • Set up an optimized Google Ads campaign
  • Streamlined the sales process through automated bounceback emails
  • Updated gallery images with recent project photos

Our Solution

We began this project by ensuring Aqua Star’s website was up to 2019 web standards by installing an SSL, implementing the Yoast SEO plugin, removing bugged text in the header, and updating the copyright information in the footer. We then went through the Gallery page and swapped outdated images for recent project pictures.

Once the website was up to par, it was time to create a new Contact Us form that auto-responded with marketing materials. This not only gives Aqua Star a fresh introduction to new clients, it also gives them trackable metrics on what links prospects click, what resources they download, and more. Lastly, TM set up a Google Ads campaign that leads prospects to the contact us page, giving Aqua Star even more insight on how customers interact with their marketing approach.

Mailchimp Automation

Prior to TM’s help, Aqua Star manually responded to each contact request form, and the email they were sending was a whopping 17.6 MB in size. TM streamlined the process for the client by replicating the Contact Us form, linking it to Mailchimp, and creating a branded auto-response email that was only 73 KB, which saves on downloading time and server space.

SEO Updates

Aqua Star’s website hadn’t been touched in a few years and was in desperate need of an SEO update. TM installed Yoast SEO to make it easy for AquaStar to optimize their website. We also installed a site SSL to improve customer data security while browsing the site, which also boosts overall SEO. Lastly, TM set up Google Tag Manager for the client so they can better track website analytics.

Refreshed Marketing Materials

Aqua Star had been sending hefty PDF attachments with each email they sent prior to coming to TM. We created a branded PDF template for Aqua Star to use when making new marketing materials. TM also rebranded their existing materials to be smaller in size, up-to-date, and straight to the point.