1-800-Plumbing’s top priority is to deliver  professional plumbing services to all of Southeast Michigan by providing full-service plumbing 7 days per week. With a commitment to customer service, deep knowledge and industry experience, 1-800-Plumbing is a great choice to call for all of your plumbing needs!

Our Challenge

From the moment 1-800-Plumbing walked into our office, we knew we were up for a fun project. We were excited and up for the task of creating 1-800-Plumbing a brand new website, as well as all the laughs and stories that came along the way.

While 1-800-Plumbing was busy gearing up their new trucks, service uniforms, and tools, TM was busy setting out a plan that would make their online vision come true. In order to do this, we needed to create a fun and inviting website that was easy to navigate, would showcase service offerings, contact information, and tell potential customers exactly why 1-800-Plumbing is the best choice in Southeast Michigan.

  • Request an Appointment Functionality
  • Total Website Copywriting
  • Fun Design With Great CTA's
  • Wrote all website copy from scratch
  • Used color inspiration from 1-800-Plumbing's logo
  • Created "Schedule an Appointment" functionality

Our Solution

TM's designers took inspiration from 1-800-Plumbing's logo and designed a website around their red, white, and blue color pallet. As patriotic as it sounds, we also made sure to use the colors in a tasteful way that would enhance the website and not distract from its purpose - connecting people with professional plumbing!

Right away TM's copywriting team got to work interviewing 1-800-Plumbing in order to create a list of services and special offerings, like their Customer Protection Plan. We crafted CTA's on every page, nailed down the website's navigation and flow, and always made sure we reminded people that they're available 7 days per week, 365 days per year!

TM's dev team didn't forget about the Appointment Scheduling functionality, either. To make it easier for customers TM created a "Schedule an Appointment" page with a streamlined contact form, which would work on their mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. Time is of the essence when you discover a leak!

From start to finish, this project was a joy to work on. We wish 1-800-Plumbing nothing but success in the future and we know we'll be calling them for all of our plumbing needs!

Building and reinforcing the brand

While 1-800-Plumbing wasn't new to the digital world, they were new to creating a consistent and impactful brand online. With colors and reinforced branding imagery, we illuminated their online presence in a new light.

Clean, fresh visuals

Using the power of modern design trends and a visual representation of processes and services,  TM helped to bring beauty to a "not-so-pretty" profession.

Easy Schedule Appointment forms

While simple, the Schedule Appointment form allows for any user to easily and clearly submit a request for, as well as be aware of 1-800-Plumbing's 7/364 Emergency Service hotline.