Google AdWords PPC (Pay Per Click) Setup

It’s time to build out your new PPC campaigns, ad groups, ads and keyword sets! Sound exciting? It is to us!

Data driven campaigns that’ll lead your company to success.

Now, don’t be fooled if other companies promise you a huge ROI within the first few weeks or month of a campaign running. PPC simply doesn’t work that way. It takes time and genuine effort to tweak and perfect each campaign and we’re masters in the art of patience!

To get started we:

  • Build out keyword lists
  • Include negative keywords
  • Tune ad copy
  • Choose groupings

Then, once your campaigns launch, we

  • Slowly start turning up bids and budgets
  • Target additional keywords
  • Expand the campaigns as we gain more traction and results

Within the first couple months our team will have your campaigns tuned in and going strong. From there we’ll continue to grow and adjust each campaign for the best ROI.

Google Analytics, Google AdWords & Goal Setup

TM integrates Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts to track goal completions and other actions that are generated by the AdWords campaigns. This information gives valuable insight into the performance of each campaign and landing page so we can make adjustments to regularly. Each of these Third Party Integrations also help us better track ROI.