At TM we’re experts in building custom development software. If you have a brand new idea and need an experienced team behind you to bring your idea to life, we’re ready to sit down and talk strategy.

We start by:

  • Identifying your needs & wants
  • Mapping out goals
  • Deciding on budget
  • Outlining our six-step process
  • Putting a project timeline in place

Discovery Process

development software
Give us a challenge and we’ll show you what we’re made of.

In order to identify your needs and map out your software goals, our discovery process starts with a meeting to go over your project ideas. We’ll act as your partner and give advice based on our experience, while listening to everything you want and envision to define the following:

  • What the end result looks like and what goals are achievable
  • Features that will be good for the site – ones that are needed and ones that are wanted
  • How the site should be built – framework, software, etc.
  • Administrative functions, automation and technology, environment for hosting and development
  • Business rules that need to be created and followed
  • Maintenance – ongoing internal and external
  • Phases of development
  • Hosting, firewall and security considerations

The end result of this project scope is a very detailed document which allows you to make sure every detail of the system is exactly what your project needs and that nothing is excluded. Once this scope is completed and approved, we’ll be able to provide an accurate estimate to you regarding the cost of building the software.

We’ve built every type of software from quick and easy plugins to complex integrations. At TM, we look forward to a challenge! Learn more about our Custom Software capabilities.