Web Project Manager Position

Virtual AssistantLocated in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan, TM has built online businesses, maintained and marketed them, and helped our clients achieve success online for over 23 years.

We have a Project Manager Position available for the right individual with experience to deliver premium client services. PMs manage a variety of clients’ granular tasks and scheduling internally that includes full lifecycle custom software, e-commerce web development, and digital marketing.

PMs are responsible for facilitating the flow of work throughout the lifecycle of client projects and internal company initiatives.  You’ll be tasked with ensuring fluid communication between departments, overseeing the communication through a number of channels including Active Collab (AC), TMClient (TMC), and Slack among a few others.

Core Functions

  • Ensure each billable employee is scheduled for 35 hours of work per week.
  • Forecast tasks and project due dates and be accountable for maintaining them.
  • Consolidate communication between departments, determining appropriate times to schedule interdepartmental meetings.


  • Maintain billable employee schedules, communicating due dates and priorities.
  • Monitor notifications within AC.
  • Facilitate the transfer of data from the billing sheet to TMC.
  • Assist department managers in driving established processes.
  • Work with department managers and leadership to develop new processes as they are identified and needed.
  • Schedule and facilitate Project Kickoff & Design Handoff meetings.
  • Review productivity of billable team members.
  • Maintain and improve business-flow processes.
  • Manage SSL renewal communications with clients.
  • Obtain estimates for all projects and work orders.
  • Provide due dates for all projects and work orders.
  • Work with AM’s to ensure client requests are understood prior to creating a task.
  • Monitor and assist with PM inbox.
  • Generate Monthly Reports.

What you can expect from us:

    • A fair and competitive salary, based on your experience and what you bring to the table.
    • A great team environment!
    • A fast-paced, non-corporate environment and partial super-flex WFH scheduling.
    • 12 days of PTO.
    • Health, vision, dental, and short-term disability insurance + 401K.
    • Flextime, paid holidays, and more.
    • We don’t micro-manage. We give you the freedom to grow, learn, and share your opinions and ideas.
    • No management egos to navigate.

If you’re interested, read our article about agency life, then fill out the form on this page!