We’re ready for some more power in the house.

TM is a web-only agency that’s been doing everything from websites to custom web software (and everything else web in-between) since 1998. This is a tight-knit group, but we love welcoming new people, and love hard work and dedication even more. We know our stuff, and we’re the size we are on purpose – but, we’re purposefully growing, and we’re ready to bring in some new talent.

Who We Are:

  • We have around a hundred active clients, half of which are on monthly retainer with us.
  • We do all custom, hand-coded work here – all on Macs and mostly with the LAMP based technologies.
  • We work really hard and try to have a lot of fun too, when we can.
  • We have flex-time, paid time off, insurance, snacks, a punching bag and puppets.
  • Most of our team is self-taught and everyone is very passionate about what they do. Most have over a decade in the industry, but we’ve got a couple of n00bs too.
  • We don’t just build websites. We also build huge pieces of custom web software and develop/execute kick-ass online marketing campaigns for our clients too.
  • We’re cool with teaching new people what we know, if they have the attitude and the ambition.

Your capabilities and knowledge must be:

  • A thorough understanding and several years of experience with PHP/MySQL, Object Oriented PHP a plus.
  • Strong knowledge of xHTML/HTML5, CSS, js (jquery), etc.
  • Experience with multiple frameworks, or at least one
  • At least, basic Photoshop knowledge and the ability to make/cutout small graphics and save them in an appropriate format and size.
  • Be able to build a site in a testing environment so that it can be easily transferred to its permanent home (relative paths/links, etc.)
  • Understands bugs and hacks and know when it’s OK to use them, and when stuff is just broken. :)
  • Can test a site completely. Everything from links and code validity to load times and spell checking.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Takes responsibility for their tasks
  • Pays attention to details
  • Works well with a team or independently
  • Loves what they do and the challenges it brings
  • Works with minimal instruction, but can take direction, advice and instructions too
  • Can do things quickly and correctly the first time, can see potential issues before they become issues and fixes them or points them out
  • Always wants to learn more…we live, eat and breathe this stuff. You should too. :)

There’s a lot for us to find out about you. We’re looking for a key player on our team who has the potential to grow into another position in the future. Your personality and attitude are very important.

Are you them? If so, fill out the form on this page!