True of False Friday – Article Submission for SEO

Can submitting a white paper or article to online article directories increase my search engine rankings? Learn how to write and optimize your articles the proper way to receive all the SEO benefits.

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True or False Friday – First Page Rankings

Once you achieve a top ranking in a search result for a competitive keyword you need to be able to maintain that placement. If you are using a SEO service for placement you need to be aware of the pro’s and con’s of canceling a contract. Plus, let’s not forget about the work involved in maintaining a top position.

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True or False Friday – Paid Links?

The “paid link” debate has been going on for sometime now. With SEO becoming a mainstream topic for the common folk, link building tactics are as well. Are buying links a sustainable tactic to search engine success or a road to purgatory?

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True or False Friday – What are Geolocation Games?

Geolocation games are becoming the buzz as of late with Foursquare and Gowalla and Twitter. Can they be a good fit to launch your next product?

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Letter From The Prez: What’s Your Next Great Idea?

The great ideas of the world are far from extinction. There is a good chance we will wake up tomorrow and the next great idea will turn into the next great business. This will leave us sitting here thinking, “Only if I would have thought about that!” Still everyone has an idea; even the great ideas are essentially just ideas. It is not until you actually do something with that idea that it becomes something. What’s your great idea, and what are you going to do with it?

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