Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools for Agencies

It can be time-consuming to run social media marketing campaigns. You need to prepare the content, schedule them, run split tests, engage with the audience, create reports, etc.

Now imagine managing over 20 social media profiles…It’s nerve-racking, isn’t it? The sheer number of tasks involved can be overwhelming.

That’s why as a marketing agency, you need the right tools to run your campaigns. Having the right tools in your arsenal allows you to automate a good bit of your tasks and improve your efficiency.

Below are 10 of the best social media marketing tools you can use as an agency.

Vista Social

Vista Social

Let’s start with the premier automation partner for all things social media marketing.

Vista Social is a complete all-in-one solution that simplifies the social media marketing campaigns of marketing agencies.

The platform’s powerful features include:

  • Powerful publishing features to help you find, collaborate, and visually schedule content for your social media channels seamlessly.
  • Analytics and reporting functionalities to measure and generate actionable reports of your social media efforts’ performance, including other useful insights. 
  • Audience engagement features to help you build relationships and connect with your followers better. You can also manage all your social media comments, messages, and reviews in one place. 
  • Unique features social media marketing (SMM) management tools might not offer (if they do, it’s often expensive). The distinct Vista Social SMM tools include a built-in image editor, custom thumbnails, Universal Mentions feature to seamlessly mention and tag various handles across platforms.  You can also get accurate previews showing exactly what your post will look like and manage reviews on multiple platforms from one location. 

With Vista Social, you get a comprehensive SMM platform with the essential and sophisticated features you need to supercharge your social media marketing for a fraction of the cost.

Ads Report

Ads Report

Running multiple ads on Facebook can be grueling and time-consuming.

Optimize your efforts with AdsReport. It’s a streamlined, all-in-one solution that transforms all your Facebook ad results into easy, manageable output.

AdsReport shows a detailed breakdown of your ads into click-through rate or CTR, cost per click or CPC, total impressions, revenues earned, total spends, and many others.

Whether you’re running paid Facebook ads to sell your product or increase brand awareness, AdsReport is the tool that you’ll be happy to have in your marketing repository.



If your business relies heavily on images to promote your brand, then forgo hiring a graphic team in favor of using Canva.

Canva can transform anyone into a pro designer with easy-to-use templates and editing options. You can easily create a wide range of visually stunning images within minutes.

The tool even offers design tutorials to help you improve your artistic skills and create more compelling content. 

It can also integrate with top content management tools, streamlining your marketing workflows since you won’t keep moving your materials and content across multiple systems. 

Creating images for Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest has never been easier with Canva.



A reliable digital marketing consultant would tell you how visual content can significantly drive up engagement, and it’s true.

When creating short videos, trust Biteable to help you produce informative, entertaining, and engaging content.

Offering a host of useful options such as free video templates, music, footage, and animated scenes, Biteable is the top choice for studio-quality, bite-sized shareable videos that often go viral on social media.


Buzz Sumo

Never take research for granted. It’s an essential aspect of gauging your competitors and how your business is faring in the market.

Buzzsumo finds content being shared on social media platforms. It also finds influencers related to a particular topic.

The tool lets you evaluate how your content is doing and who’s spreading the word about your brand, products, and services around social media.

You can upgrade to Buzzsumo Pro to unlock unbelievably high-caliber competitor research features.



Master the science behind A/B testing with AdEspresso. The unique tool offers real-time analysis of your Instagram, Google Ads, and Facebook ads.

AdEspresso eliminates the guesswork of determining how your ads will resonate with your audience based on your target market details and campaign goals.

Like most top project management tools in the market (but for ads), AdEspresso allows you to create and manage ads in one place. While your ads are live, you’ll learn what’s working and what’s not.

The tool helps you systematically test different headlines, images, and ad copy until you can figure out the perfect combination that works best for your audiences and marketing needs.



Everyone hates lengthy URLs. They can be intimidating and hard to remember.

Why should you and your customers have to contend with that when you can use a link shortener, such as Bitly?

More than a link shortener, though, Bitly is also a powerful marketing tool that lets you track clicks, view site referrals, and narrow down specific geographical locations with the most clicks.

Even the mighty Google has deemed this tool so handy that they decided to incorporate this into their Google Campaign URL Builder to shorten links and track campaign performance.

Mobile Monkey


If your target customers use Facebook as the primary social media platform to engage with your business, leverage the power of MobileMonkey.

The tool lets you create customizable chatbots for Facebook Messenger hassle-free. You’ll have an intuitive, automatic responder to engage your prospects.

That’s not all.

MobileMonkey offers many other marketing features, including Chat Blaster. It allows you to send bulk chat to all your Messenger contacts, auto-responses to Facebook comments, and drip campaigns within Facebook Messenger.



If you ever get stuck finding the perfect picture for your post, turn to Unsplash.

The website offers an extensive library of professional-looking, royalty-free photos you can use for your marketing needs.

Finding the photo you need is as simple as typing your keyword in the search bar, choosing your photo, selecting the correct image size, and finally clicking to save.

You don’t need to create an account on the website to download the photos you want. If you create an account, you can easily follow certain creators who share photos that match your branding.

You can then compile your photos for your future social media posts sweat-free.



Expand your business content’s reach by tracking hashtag analytics.

Keyhole can give you real-time performance analysis of industry and campaign-specific hashtags through major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Using Keyhole is easy. You start by creating a “track.” Insert a keyword, hashtag, or URL you want to monitor and select the social network you need.

Keyhole will then compile important data that includes insights into demographics, location, and topic clouds. You can use all this data to refine and boost your marketing campaigns.

Make the Right Choice

Bring more focus to your social media marketing efforts, be more strategic, and optimize your resources to get your desired results. 

Set your agency for success by mastering the best-fitting, powerful social media marketing tools for your business.  

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Thanks for your content :) I also want to add Wask as a suggestion. With the WASK’s design tool, you can easily design your ad images exactly the way you want, You can create smart audiences for your ads, and publish your ads professionally. You can manage your ads with WASK’s smart features and automatically optimize them with the optimization tool. I’ve been using for a while and I am very satisfied :)

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