The rise of the information era, where answers are just a quick search away, has led consumers to be more research-focused than ever. Consumers research the products they end up purchasing intimately before they make a purchase. 

This is especially true in the cannabis industry where customers want to learn more about the properties of a certain product, or why a certain company’s cannabis planting soil will be better for growing than big box brands. Websites help cannabis businesses house all that information and more. 

Creating user-friendly, visually appealing websites helps cannabis businesses show their existing and new customers that they’re legitimate, passionate, and knowledgeable about the products or services they offer. It’s the digital space where a cannabis business can showcase everything that makes them better than the rest. 

Websites Help Cannabis Businesses Grow 

Websites Help Cannabis Customers Find You: Websites are a cannabis business’ online storefront. Think of the home page as the front window display. Businesses will want to create something that will draw customers inside to check out more.

Once customers have landed on your website, it’s important you appeal to their needs and answer their questions so they stick around. That could mean providing easy-to-navigate eCommerce product pages, publishing blogs around the industry’s latest trends, and/or producing interactive videos that can showcase your brand and company culture.

With search engines naturally showing local results to local users first, it’s especially important to have a strong local SEO setup alongside your website so you can turn your newfound online traffic into physical foot traffic.

Having this online presence allows current and new customers to find you, learn more about your products or services offered, and ultimately suggest they come to visit you in person or make a purchase/contact you off your website.

Here are 5 reasons every cannabis business needs a website to grow and improve its brand presence locally and nationally online. 

  1. Websites Outperform Traditional Print Advertising: Long are the days when cannabis businesses had to rely on print advertising methods, like newspaper ads and billboards, to get noticed by customers.

    Websites Help Cannabis Companies
    Image provided by Samantha Borges, Unsplash

    Websites are the digital-first version of this traditional strategy, but more effective in the long run. Print ads can be forgotten with the turn of a page and billboards that are out-of-sight-out-of-mind once a driver passes by, but effective websites help cannabis businesses garner more interaction with customers and entice them to explore your different offerings longer.

    While print advertisements can eat up a cannabis business’ marketing budget pretty quickly, websites can provide better promotion for your business and save you money down the road. Then you can use those extra marketing dollars to really boost your digital marketing efforts elsewhere.

  2. Websites Keep Your Customers Updated: A large benefit of websites is the ability to update them with new information quickly and easily. This keeps your customers in the know and looking to you as the most credible source for the latest information.

    Whether you’re updating a blog frequently with new topics; highlighting specific products, services, or promotions; making announcements about upcoming events; or creating landing pages to talk about specific topics, your customers will appreciate your business keeps them informed.

    As we talked about before, an informed customer is likely to convert to a new sale more quickly than a customer who is still trying to find the answers elsewhere because your business didn’t supply them.
  3. Websites Aren’t Open or Close, They’re Always Available: While you might lock up your storefront at the end of each business day, leaving customers who try to visit your store physically waiting until the next day, websites offer 24/7 access to answer customer’s questions and quench their needs.

    Websites are the salesperson that never sleeps. They keep working for you, day and night, so you can get some much-needed sleep.

    Open Sign - Websites Help Cannabis
    Image provided by Mike Petrucci, Unsplash

    Not only are websites available for customers 24/7, but they are also available regardless of where they live. Websites help cannabis businesses grow beyond the perimeters of their local, regional, or national community to showcase their products on a global scale.

    Websites might be available 24/7 but that doesn’t mean they’ll do all the work for you. Business owners should still invest time to make sure they’re answering any questions or inquiries they receive through their website or other communication channels. This will show customers you care about more than their business but help them find what they were looking for.

  4. Websites Help Cannabis Businesses Capture Customer Information: The primary focus of any good website should be to provide a warm, inviting customer experience for every user that visits, but we also think your business should get a little something out of it too.

    Websites are a great place for cannabis businesses to collect information about their potential, new, and existing customers. But why collect information, you ask? Having customers express their wants, needs, and interests to you can help you intentionally craft and curate the type of content and information they’re searching for.

    Allowing website visitors to create user profiles, inviting them to fill out a specific form, or giving them a call to action button to sign up for your newsletter can all be great ways to give your customers great content while collecting valuable information from them for the future.

Help Your Budding Brand Grow 

For the general public, websites are nothing new but for your business, they might be. That’s OK. Websites are an essential digital asset for any business to have, but especially for cannabis businesses as the industry expects to see an overgrowth of competition in the coming years. 

Having a fully functional, exquisitely designed website will help your cannabis business stand out and sparkle like the trichomes on the plant itself, and we’re here to help you create it. 

If your business is looking to add a little extra flair to its online presence, Trademark Productions offers custom website development to fit the specific vision of your business. 


Contact us today to learn more about how our website development and maintenance services will boost your business’s online traffic and customer satisfaction.

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