6 tips for freelance travelers

The world of work has changed at warp speed recently. There is no more reason to look at the working from home or the working from anywhere model. Whether you’re in Michigan or Oregon, your business could and should be with you.

Under the current restrictions, it has become increasingly difficult to travel with many of us unable to travel for work, fun, or entertainment. However, all things must pass, and as the travel industry opens up and governments relax restrictions, you will soon be able to travel again. We have had a long time for reflection and what has become obvious is that the way of work has changed forever. Working from home, working while you travel, and working from anywhere is the new normal – are you ready?

Tips for Freelance Travelers

1. You will need the right tech

The starting point is you need a reliable laptop known for premium performance. This is more important if you are going to be traveling as you need something universal, able to work anywhere, and compatible with most other hardware. In fact, without the right laptop, you can’t really make use of the other tips or start to earn while you travel.

2. You need good support 24/7

Who knows where you’ll be when you need someone to walk or talk you through any possible tech issues. Make sure your hardware and software come with ongoing support, whether this is available through in-depth guides online or with a great customer service team.

3. Hone your web design skills

You’ll need to be able to design and build the website. This is a pre-requisite for the entire project. Web design has become a prominent growth point in the current economic environment as increasing numbers of businesses look to use their online space for trade. Ecommerce is booming, and this trend is likely to continue well into 2022. Without a solid website, these opportunities will be lost. So as we move into the digital age proper, if you’re able to build them, now is the time when you should be busier than ever, from wherever you are, if you have the right tech.

4. Build

If you build them, they will come. Start building/designing and creating. Build a customer base around quality, your confidence, and, most importantly, your business. Take the time to break each step up so that they are achievable.

5. Offer ongoing customer support

As a freelance web designer, providing customer support and quality updates can help you establish and maintain long-term customer satisfaction. A happy customer is a loyal customer who will bring in more customers through word of mouth.

6. Develop SEO skills

If you’re planning on being a traveling web designer, then the only way your customer base is going to refer you to others in our field will be with proof of success. This can only be done with professional SEO implemented on all sites you have built as well as the one used for your own marketing. It’s the cherry on top of the brilliant design and the only way anyone else is likely to find your offerings online. Don’t worry, because should you need assistance, there are a number of free SEO guides and advice to start with.

The tips provided here do not claim to be an exhaustive list. However, should you see the work while you travel phenomenon as something you would like to embark on, you likely need to tick off the list above as you go along.

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