On Friday, November 5th, we had the pleasure of hosting Grand Valley State University’s American Marketing Association student organization (GVSU AMA) for their annual Detroit Agency Tour. During this time, the TM marketing team discussed their journeys within the agency and the roles they currently operate in.

TM Marketing team with the GVSU AMA students.
TM’s Joe Leija, Jailyn Glass, and Dwight Zahringer with the AMAzing students of the Grand Valley State University’s American Marketing Association.

From content marketing, social media, and SEO strategy to finding your niche outside of the program curriculum, being organized, and thriving in an agency setting, each team member gave beneficial tips for the group to implement now, as juniors and seniors, as they begin their journey onto graduation and entry-level job hunting. 

Key Takeaways for the GVSU AMA Student Organization

For this group of students, and all looking to break into the marketing agencies, we shared the following advice:

Find Your Niche

Today’s digital marketing includes so many areas, like content marketing and social media. To become competitive in the job market, it’s essential to know the digital marketing basics but also to be knowledgeable in a specific area as well. It helps you find what you enjoy and truly hone down on what that value can bring to the client or agency. 

Learn New Skills & Technology

Technology continues to evolve, as well as digital marketing. Learning new and improving skills over time allows you to stay relevant and on-trend for your clients. 

Dwight Zahringer, founder of Trademark Productions, speaking to the GVSU AMA group.
Dwight, founder of TM, prides himself on sharing the value of becoming an asset, not a liability during your time with an employer.

Become an Asset, Not a Liability

“When you go and work somewhere, where you end up going and whatever you end up deciding to do, the number one goal is to put your best effort forward. Show up. Be ready. Do what you’re there to do, and always work to make yourself an asset,” says Dwight Zahringer. “An employer should be afraid to lose you. That should be a big goal for you guys.”

Communicate & Be Organized

Lastly, without communication and organization, there is chaos. Agency life moves fast, so it’s important to set yourself up for success by effectively communicating to team members & clients while keeping files and your mind organized.

Want To Learn More About Our Agency Lifestyle? 

Marketing is a diverse field that requires intent, focus, and a love for data-driven creativity to be successful. It requires communication, collaboration, and a clear set of agreed-upon goals from the client and our team. We’re always happy to explore how that works here at Trademark Productions. 

We love to provide skills and insights to those aspiring to work in the digital marketing industry. Our doors are always open for students or future marketing professionals to ask questions and learn more. 

If you or a student organization are interested in coming to our office for an agency tour, like GVSU AMA, please let us know. Contact Jailyn, our Digital Marketing Coordinator, to set up an agency tour or if you have any additional questions.

All photos were taken by Jonathan Shead.

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