Let’s face it, the cannabis industry is constantly evolving and changing. New regulations and products are sprouting up all the time. This gives consumers options to choose from, but it consequently makes standing out online even harder for cannabis companies. 

Consumers are turning to online tutorials for cannabis and related products to learn more and ultimately make their decision. If a company doesn’t have a product tutorial or additional information about a product or service online, it’s unlikely a consumer will see that product or service as a viable option. 

Creating Cannabis Tutorials For Your Products 

Cannabis companies, especially those with eCommerce stores, need to invest time into creating cannabis tutorials for their products and/or services to grow their business. According to Think With Google, 80% of online shoppers will check out a product tutorial to research the product further before they decide to buy.

Cannabis companies need tutorial content to close the deal. More importantly, tutorials will help strengthen a company’s brand and make it more trustworthy and credible in the consumer’s eyes. 

What are Tutorials?  

Simply put, a tutorial is a way for cannabis companies to showcase how to use or operate their products to consumers. Whether that be a product, service, or digital software, tutorials are a company’s opportunity to show off its product, the unique offerings it provides, and instructions for the consumer. 

Tutorials can be created as written blog posts, videos, step-by-step picture guides, and online presentations; in today’s digital landscape, video tutorials reign supreme. Consumers are more likely to watch a 5-minute video to research a product or service than read an article on the product.

Creating A Tutorial Video
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Tutorials need to explain what the product or service is, how it works, and any special features it may have. At the core, tutorials need to be more about answering the consumers’ questions than showcasing the product itself. 

Consumers are more inclined to buy a product or service once they can see themselves using it or benefiting from it, so it’s imperative the tutorial is created through the lens of what customers may want to know about what your company is offering.

Beyond a customer-focused plan, creating cannabis tutorials can be a great way to showcase some of the less obvious features customers can find on a product or service. To avoid confusing any customers, if your product or service has a handful of unique features, break them up into individual tutorials and connect them as a series. 

Don’t assume your customers know anything about the product, and start from a basic level of understanding. The last thing you’ll want is to lose customers because they had a hard time understanding the company and products. 

Breaking down the features of a product or service and focusing on the customer’s needs in a tutorial will allow consumers to get a fully-detailed overview of the product’s features and show them you’re knowledgeable about the products you’re making and selling. 

Where To Post Tutorials? 

After identifying a product or service to create a tutorial around, companies will want to determine where online the tutorial will be posted. If possible, tutorials should be included on the same pages where customers are viewing your product or service. 

Providing potential customers with all the information they may need to make a purchasing decision without them leaving the product/service page can increase the odds that they’ll make an order before they exit your page. 

Beyond housing tutorials with the associated product or service, the tutorial should be posted to social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram, in email marketing campaigns, to a company blog, and/or make them downloadable. You want to inform the rest of your audience about the new resource you’ve created for them in case it can help those customers out too. 

YouTube especially is the go-to place for posting tutorials online. How-to videos are one of the four most popular genres being searched for by a wide variety of demographics. Tutorials fall under the ‘How-To’ genre. The platform’s sidebar allows companies to share related videos with consumers and allows more content to automatically play for the consumer once the initial tutorial video is over. 

Sharing cannabis tutorials in email marketing campaigns can be another great way to get the information about your brand, products, and services out there to customers. Tutorial content can be used as a call-to-action to entice consumers to purchase after they’ve familiarized themselves with the product. 

Once you’ve hooked new customers into purchasing your product with a tutorial, you can begin to send them follow-up tutorials and information regarding the product through email campaigns. 

Tutorials can also help reduce any staleness a company’s social media accounts may be facing. If a company hasn’t posted in a while, sharing one of their tutorials can be a great way to feature a product and share information that might be insightful for customers. 

How Can Creating Cannabis Tutorials Help? 

Overall, creating cannabis tutorials are one surefire way cannabis companies can grow their customer base by giving customers a backstage pass to understanding your products or services on an intimate level. 

Once consumers have invested their time to learn and acquaint themselves with a product, they’re more likely to purchase it. If they’re satisfied with the product and what they learned, they’ll likely return as a repeat customer. 

That’s not the only benefit of your company investing in creating cannabis tutorials. Great tutorial content can also help a company cut down on their customer service requests or product returns, and it can increase the customer’s trust in your company and products or services. 

Where once it was necessary to have a room full of customer service representatives ready to take calls and answer customers’ questions, by creating cannabis tutorials you can now offer the same information at a fraction of the time and cost. 

Use tutorials as a way to answer some of the most frequently asked questions your company receives from customers already. With that content out there for consumers to find, it’ll free up more time for your company to focus on other marketing strategies.

Two People Shake Hands Through Laptop Screen
Image provided by Gerd Altmann, Pixabay

Creating cannabis tutorials, especially videos, can also improve a customer’s trust in your company. The old mantra ‘seeing is believing’ is unquestionably true here. 

Consumers are more likely to believe a certain feature is available if they see it in use during a video tutorial. The same can be true for adding high-quality photos to your written tutorials.

Providing a window into what it might be like to use, touch, or own the product gives consumers a glimpse into what it would be like to buy that product or service. This will ultimately help customers lean into their decision to buy. 

It’s As Easy as 1, 2, 3… 

Creating cannabis tutorials are a cost-effective and efficient way to start creating content that can boost sales for the products and/or services your company offers. With more than three-quarters of consumers researching products and their competitors before they buy, it’s important cannabis companies share tutorials that support their offerings, educate and incentivize customers to purchase. 

Tutorials can be an easy way to start standing out from the crowd of competition, but if done poorly, tutorials can just as easily turn potential customers away. There needs to be a focused and organized approach, a depth of knowledge, and the right equipment to create high-quality content. When done right, creating cannabis tutorials can take your product offerings to new heights and reinforce confidence in your business/company. 

The team at Trademark Productions is ready to create great tutorials with you. If you bring the knowledge and expertise, we’ll bring our creative minds. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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