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What does it mean by the term “Backlinks”?

Organic traffic is an essential element to get ranked in search engine results. Backlinks are vital to get more visitors to your website. Backlinks are used to give a vote of trust for the information from one website to another. These are helpful to rank you on the top results by search engines like Google or Bing.

You have to understand the importance of backlinks to enhance your website’s rank if you are running a new website. It should also be clear that high-quality backlinks can improve the domain authority of your website. Follow the advice on this tutorial.

Backlinks in SEOMain types of backlinks

There are listed two main types of backlinks. Let’s talk about them to understand backlink strategies.

Inbound links

These are the hyperlinks that come to your website from other websites. This element is more important for search engine optimization. The sites are more effective for search engines that have a high number of inbound links in their content. You can also check any website for inbound links by using a backlink checker.

Outbound link

Many websites are connected with many hyperlinks on the internet. Outbound links are those links that can take a viewer from your website to another website. The procedure of onsite improvement of search engine optimization takes the outbound links essential.

What is the significance of backlinks?

To get ranked on the search engine result page (SERP), it is necessary to make a great effort on the search engine optimization of your webpage. You need to provide high-quality information on your site. In this respect, the most significant component is to achieve superior quality backlinks. This component will help you to be successful in attaining your goals.

When does the backlink tracker come to the rescue?

In front of search engines, the basic thing is the “quality of backlinks.”  The Google spiders crawl on your web pages and search outstanding, unique, and relevant content there with the help of backlinks, and then Google index those content pages. Google does not take the poor quality or unnatural content as a good thing; it considers it as spam.

In this way, the search engine, either Google or Bing, does not like to mention your page on the top results or the first page of search results. It will show your website to the bottom of the SERP. It is the reason that the backlink counter or backlink checker is preferred to bring into use to monitor the quality of backlinks.

What will be the effects of bad backlinks on your website?

Surely, you might have noticed how much good quality backlink is important and significant to move huge traffic of visitors to your website. Now, let’s talk about how it can be harmful to your web pages if the quality of backlinks would be bad or poor.

Suppose that the content of the backlinks is not relevant to the content contained by your website, then it can cause you to face some penalties by Google. The search engines prefer the quality of the information, not the quantity of the content. They just throw this kind of website at the bottom of the search result pages.

So, it becomes essential to check your backlinks because no owner will want this to happen with his or her website.

Backlinks in SEOHow is it to check the backlinks of your competitors?

Yes, it is also possible to check the backlinks of your competitors by using any free backlink tool. This technique will be effective to keep an eye on the working strategies of your competitors. You can also test their sites for backlinks, and it will help you to improve your methodologies or logic for keeping your website on the top search results pages. The quality of backlinks can be checked by using any free backlink tracker.

Advantages and disadvantages of backlinks

Backlinks can help you to attract a huge number of visitors to your website as it causes an increase in organic traffic. This technique can assist you to optimize the rank of your website by search engines.

Poor quality content-based backlinks or spam material will lead you to fall in the bottom search result pages. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to search the relevant websites that can give good quality backlinks. Read more about other common SEO mistakes.

Suggested free backlink tools:


This free backlink checker will allow you to check the quality of backlinks of your site, and you can even check your competitor’s site backlinks and find link opportunities easily. You will just paste the URL of the site in the input box and this backlink checker finds all the links made on your site.  This free backlink checker provides you information on Domain rating, Anchors, and link type whether it’s followed or nofollow.

Further backlink counters are listed below:

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