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301 Redirect Podcast EP.31 Pandemic with OptimismWe are returning from pandemic with optimism and I wanted to send a direct message to current and future clients. There is a lot of uncertainty going into the summer and the “new normal” and everyone is a little confused as to how to act or conduct business. After some thought, we’ve determined our path to winning you over.

We all have many questions. Is it safe for staff and customers? Do I hold cash and reduce my spending? Is it time to hire and invest in staff? Do I want to execute a new website endeavor or revamp our current site? Should we dip our toes more into marketing? There are a lot of unknowns.

Our Commitment to You

We love the work we do, the challenges brought to us and the relationships we grow with each. No two projects are alike and everyone deserves our best.

COVID was har, it will still be but we are choosing to look forward. There is no one to blame and complaining is not going to help. It’s not been comfortable and we are ok with these challenges. We’ll veer out of our lane and go down new paths.

How is TM different Now?

Our staff is back in a safe environment and we have all the measures in place to operate. This includes distanced meetings and in-person safe collaboration with one another and you, our clients.

We’ve invested, expanded, and hired new staff to provide more efficiency, new fresh creativity, and accountability.

Training and events. While the new norm may not include tight-space gatherings we know that you want more specific training on strategies for your online business. We’re making modifications to our 1st floor that includes new spaces for small, safe training sessions and workshops. Those will be coming this summer.

Returning from the Pandemic with Optimism

The new normal to TM means that we’ll have to be cognizant of the challenges COVID-19 brought to you.  We’ll make sure that everyone feels good and each decision is win-win.

Welcome friends back to the new normal. We’re ready to win you over again.

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Hello, Very informative piece of article, this blog has helped me to understand the concept even better. Keep on blogging.

Posted on July 28, 2020 at 6:46 am

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