3 Ways to Grow a Business During a Pandemic

This year, your main goal as a business owner may have been to keep your doors open. Growing your company took a backseat to keep your valued employees working and reassuring your customers that you were doing your best to keep them and their orders status quo in the midst of a global pandemic.

As 2020 is finally winding down, this is a good time to consider some strategies and plans to incorporate now and into 2021. These tips will not only maintain the success you’ve managed to accomplish during these trying times but also help to grow your enterprise business moving forward.

Use the Power of Social Media to Reach Customers

To stay connected with your valued customers and reassure them as much as you can, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce suggests using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Look at what you offer from your customers’ viewpoints and then find ways to address those positives in your posts. For instance, if you offer products that are in high demand right now, pictures of well-stocked inventory rooms will be worth a thousand words. Or, you may have been able to maintain your affordable prices, which is important to customers who may now be out of work and worthy of a reassuring post or two. Regardless of what positives you have to share, social media will help you to get the word out quickly and efficiently. (read more about creating a winning marketing strategy online)

Grow a Business During a PandemicUse Software to Keep Employees Engaged

Some, if not all, of your employees, are probably working remotely. While you strive to check in on a regular basis via text or a quick phone call with each team member, there are days when you feel vital information is falling through the cracks. To prevent this from happening, look into a workforce management software program that will allow more streamlined communication between you and the team. Rather than making 25 phone calls, you can use the program to let everyone know vital information. In turn, your team will feel more in the loop, more engaged and valued as employees. Since happy employees help inspire happy customers and thus more sales, this approach should contribute greatly to the growth of your enterprise business.

Ensure the Safety of Your Customers

Another key way to grow your company now and beyond is to take the safety of your customers very seriously. As Entrepreneur notes, make your products and services available in the safest way you can. In lieu of in-person meetings with your clients, opt for phone or video calls. Rather than have customers come in for what they need to buy, offer contactless delivery to their car or bring their goods directly to their homes and leave them at the doorstep. Require anyone who does come in to wear a mask and have stickers on the floor placed 6 feet apart to let folks know where to stand. Even if most of your team is working from home, you may still operate a bare-bones brick-and-mortar location; by offering as much protection as you can and keeping your customers’ safety in the forefront of your procedures, you will be rewarded with grateful and repeat clients.

Growth and Success Can Be Yours

This has been a challenging year, but by employing the tips mentioned above and maybe coming up with a few more of your own, your company does not have to remain stagnant. Real, possible growth and success can be yours at the end of 2020 and beyond — now that is something to celebrate.

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