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In this digital era, the internet has opened new doors for small businesses who wish to take their business from a startup level to the level of a multi-million dollar company. Do you know all of this can now be done without spending money? Seems interesting? Well, it is. There are a few digital marketing tools that can help you achieve this.

Before the worldwide web came into existence, marketing was a huge challenge. You had to depend on the print media, radio, or TV to ensure that people were aware of your business. However, today digital marketing has completely taken things over.

Now, advertisement has blown up dynamically. Consequently, there is a tremendous amount of marketing content available out there. Hence, it is more than important for you to overcome the noise and come up with compelling digital marketing as a business owner. To help you with the same, we have come up with a list of some free tools that you can use to take your business to new heights.

Along with these tools also consider a helpful guide that teaches you about the 6 P’s of marketing.

Free Digital Marketing ToolsWordPress

Rehaan, a content manager for a platform offering assignment help services, says there is no better content management system than WordPress. Well, we cannot agree more. With WordPress, you are presented with an umpteen number of options. The platform helps you build a website from scratch using an intuitive drag and drop system.

Using a website, building a website along with a storefront, adding detailed information about the vision and the company, and even including a full-fledged blog is easier than ever. WordPress has made it easier than ever for you to create superior quality content with SEO keywords. One of the notable aspects of WordPress is that it lets you add several thousand plugins to your page. These plugins come with a wide variety of features that can help you monitor your analytics, add a contact form, and customize your theme, among other things.


Today the online ads are a new norm for a lot of people. Wish to develop an innovative ad campaign that has a good number of images in it? Well, you can do it with Canva. Robert, who offers online do my homework for me services, says that there is no better platform than Canva to create great ads, which come with feature-rich and an easy to use image creator. Canva can do a lot more than just creating ads. It can also help you develop images for your website and social media pages. Moreover, the platform can also help you import and compile all the essential data and use the same for creating custom charts. Long story short, if you can dream it, Canva can let you make it.

Google Search Console

The ranking of your website is quintessential for its overall success. Hence, businesses always try to ensure that their website makes its way to the top of the first Google page. Luckily, now some tools can help you with that. The Google Webmaster tools or the Google Search Console is a brilliant application, which can help the website owners find out their website’s rank. After you have linked the account to the search console, it becomes easy for you to track the page views and the keywords. You can employ this information to learn how and when to market your page and fetch more views. Franchesca, a digital marketing expert with an online platform offering economics homework help, says that she uses the Webmaster tools to locate all the errors that may be holding back the site. This console not only helps in error identification but also suggests ways to fix the mistakes. It is a must-have freebie for every small business owner.  (don’t forget about Google Analytics to measure your website traffic as well!)


Raima, an SEO expert who works with a platform offering the best online photoshop course, says that any marketing plan’s pivotal role is targeting the SEO keywords, which relate to the niche. Yes, keywords are vital as they help you reach your target audience or any particular strata of people you hope to reach. Ideally, the goal is that when people type a phrase or a keyword on Google, it is your website, which pops right at the top of the list. For instance, if you are a company that offers online homework help, so if someone types, ‘Best homework help’ Google should show your website somewhere at the top.

With Ubersuggest, you have to enter a phrase or a keyword, and the portal will give you a bunch of suggestions that you can use in your blogs. It is a free tool and can be instrumental in helping you learn somethings about SEO and how it works in sync with your marketing plan. For someone new to digital marketing, it is one of the best tools.

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