Omnichannel Customer Experience

Yesterday I was browsing through an eCommerce website and signed up for their newsletter. However, it turned out that signing up for their newsletter wasn’t such a good idea. For one, I could barely open it on my mobile phone. Secondly, it couldn’t redirect me to their company website.

These problems were enough for me to send it straight to the trash and never look back.

This is the story of various other customers all around the world. After all, today, when everything is available at your fingertips, would you bear so many bumps in along your buying journey? Of course, not!

That said, if you eliminate all these bumps from your prospects’ buying experience, you are likely to earn a loyal customer.

However, with the trend of omnichannel customer experience today you have to make sure that you interact with your customers on not only one but across multiple channels. How will you achieve that?

In this article, I am going to outline 6 tips for seamless omnichannel customer experience

Omnichannel Customer Experience

1. Make your customer your first priority

The key is to prioritize your customers. The better the customer experience, the better will be your retention and revenue rate.   You might think that you are already prioritizing your customers. However, are you really?

Are you engaging with them on social media platforms? Are you answering all their queries without an extended delay? Are you taking appropriate steps to solve their problems? If you are not doing even one of these things, then you are not really prioritizing your customers.

Make sure that you engage with them on a one-to-one basis and understand their pain points. Once you know what is troubling them, try to eliminate the problems as soon as you can.

Fortunately, thanks to automated text messages, live-chats, social media, and so forth, engaging with your customers in real-time has become substantially easier.

2. Write down your objectives

Why should you write down your objectives? Once you write down your business objectives, you will realize how much you were missing out on. You should make a simple questionnaire on your objectives, on how you want to serve the customers and distribute it to amongst your employees.

Here’re some of the questions that the questionnaire should include:

  • Are we making our customers’ purchase journeys easy?
  • Are we retaining our customers?
  • Are we engaging with them even after they make their final purchase?

Once you get the answers to these questions, you will know whether you are providing a satisfactory customer experience or not. Carrying out this process is especially important for an omnichannel customer experience.

3. Deliver what you promised

Once you make the promises, you can no longer backtrack on them. If you fail to deliver what you so confidently promised in the beginning, then your prospect might not stick around long enough to make the final purchase. And if the customer has already made the purchase, then he/she is unlikely to ever continue with your services.

4. Consistency is the key

People often struggle with consistency with a multifaceted marketing experience such as omnichannel customer experience.

It is important to consistently engage with your audience across all the channels. Therefore, cross-channel marketing requires you to deploy a larger customer service team to take care of the needs and queries of your customers. From constant social media interactions to sending out regular newsletters, you have to keep in touch with your customers all the time.

5. Offer transparency

For starters, make sure that your customers have easy access to all your contact details, from your customer service number to your email address. It doesn’t bode well for your brand if your customer struggles to find even a single customer service number. The more transparent you are, the better customer service you will be able to provide.

Omnichannel Customer Experience

Another part of transparency includes providing an instant response to your customers’ queries. Don’t leave this task to automated bots because it’s better to add a personal touch to your customer interactions.

6. Branch out and test new channels

One of the best ways to make sure your customer experience is as seamless as possible is to streamline your campaigns. Your campaigns should have a similar look and feel yet be adapted for the channel and the customer.

Thanks to all the advanced tools and social media channels, providing a better customer experience has become easier than ever. If you follow the tips outlined in this article, then you are most likely to succeed in your customer experience efforts.

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