10 Essential Chrome Extensions for Marketing Online

The key to becoming a successful online marketer is using effective and affordable tools like these Chrome extensions for marketing because they can help you reach a wider audience while being more focused and productive.

The best way to use tools is to integrate them as extensions into your browser. These 10 Chrome extensions can be readily available while you browse, thereby boosting your effectiveness without you even realizing it. (Bonus: Top 5 Apps to Make You More Productive)

Chrome Extensions for Marketing1.   To Stay Focused: Momentum

One difficulty in online marketing is staying focused. When you work online, it is super easy to get distracted by funny videos or social media accounts. To help you stay focused on your work, you can use the extension Momentum. Momentum is a personalized dashboard that eliminates distraction and will provide you inspiration for staying focused and productive on your work.

How this extension works is that it allows you to create a daily focus. From there, it changes your dashboard to emphasize your daily focus and keep you on track. Momentum also includes a time management system and To-Do List.

2.   For Taking Breaks: Break Timer

If you are an online marketer, chances are a lot of your time is spent hunched over a computer screen. If this sounds like you, it is essential to take breaks and step away from your computer. The reason for this is that prolonged computer use can cause eyestrain, blurry vision, headaches, and neck and back pain.

Similarly, prolonged sitting can weaken muscles, increase weight, lead to hip and back pain, increase anxiety and depression, increase chances of cancer, and more. As a result, it is imperative to take a break from your computer and stretch your legs.

One of the best ways to remind yourself to take a break is to use the Chrome extension Break Timer. This extension will allow you to set up customizable breaks and remind you to take them.

3.   Password Manager: LastPass

Having a number of passwords for various websites is just one of the difficulties of being an online marketer. One of the best ways to remember and manage your passwords is to use the extension LastPass (not just for Chrome).

LastPass will allow you to save passwords in order to make logging in, shopping, and sharing passwords easily and efficiently. More so, it also helps to generate strong passwords and monitors the dark web.

4.   Search Volume Insight: Keyword Surfer

Do you need to analyze search volumes and find similar keywords for a number of topics? If so, you should consider downloading the Chrome extension Keyword Surfer. Keyword Surfer is a completely free extension that will allow you to see search volumes directly in the Google search results.

Because of the most recent April 2020 update, you’ll be able to search Google volumes for more than 70 countries. It also comes with new data points like word count and the number of exact keywords of top-ranking pages so that you can compare your online content to that of successful pages.

5.   See All Major SEO Metrics: SEOquake

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most powerful tools for online marketing. In order for online pages to be successful, the pages must be optimized according to SEO metrics and best policies.

One of the best extensions for monitoring SEO metrics is SEOquake. With SEOquake, you’ll be able to conduct on-page SEO audits quickly, examine internal and external links, compare domains and URLs easily, and export all data into a file.

6.   Another Tool for Major SEO Metrics: MOZbar

Another great Chrome extension for monitoring SEO metrics is MOZbar. MOZbar is an all-in-one SEO toolbar that will allow you to research in real-time. It creates custom searches according to engine, country, region, or city. It also allows you to access and compare links and comes with other helpful features like an on the page highlighter, page overlay, and data export.

7.   Email Hunting: Hunter

For most businesses, it is crucial to find, research, and have contact with potential customers. There are many ways to go about this, but in online marketing, this often happens via an extensive email list. The problem with this, however, is to find the right email accounts to send marketing emails to. One of the most helpful Chrome extensions for email marketing is Hunter.

Hunter will allow you to get the email addresses behind any website. All you will need to do is put in the domain name to launch the search. From there, you will receive all the email addresses of workers that are listed on a website. To date, there are over 100 million email addresses indexed, making Hunter one of the most powerful email finding tools on the market.

8.   Email Tracking: Hubspot Email

Once you have the emails you need, it is important to track email interactions, sales, and more effectively. One of the best ways to track your email marketing and sales is to use the Chrome extension Hubspot Email. It acts both as an email creator and an email analytics tool that makes it one essential Chrome extension for marketing.

9.   Editing and Grammar: Grammarly

Since all online content requires typing, it is imperative that your spelling and grammar are perfect. If it is not, you will look unprofessional and uneducated.

One of the best extensions for ensuring that all of your written content is grammatically correct is Grammarly. This key tool fixes typos and offering revision suggestions. You can either integrate the extension into your browser or download the app.

10. Extension Storer: One Click Extensions Manager

After you have reviewed all of these extensions and more, you may realize that you have more extensions than you can manage on your own. If this is the case for you, you should download the Chrome extension One Click Extensions Manager. With this tool, you will be able to view, enable, disable, and remove your extensions with ease. As a result, it will make managing your numerous extensions much more straightforward.

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