The Importance of a Strong Brand

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What makes a brand so memorable, and how does this affect the way your customers interact with you? Learn more as Morgan and Jailyn discuss the attributes of strong branding and their effects on consumers, or read our summarized post below.


  1. Describe a strong brand in one word.
    Morgan: A strong brand is memorable by its logo or name. It doesn’t lose its value over time.
    Jailyn: Authentic. A strong brand stands behinds what it believes and doesn’t compromise on that.
  2. Name a one-word strong brand.
    Morgan: Apple
    Jailyn: Target
  3. Name one feeling strong brands convey to you? Why?
    Morgan: Authencity. Customers can sense ingenuousness, so brands should be authentic in everything they do.
    Jailyn: Trust. As a customer, you should be able to have full trust in the brand you’re shopping with.

Strong Brands

A brand is an overall experience that a person has with a product, service, experience, or company. Whereas, a strong brand is a clear representation of a company’s product or service with a long-term brand strategy. Some aspects of a strong brand are recognizable logos with the brand’s name associated with (look at Google’s subsidiary logos, like Gmail), color schemes, personality, messaging narrative, evolution, and much more.

Narratives are important to build for a brand because they tell a story to your customers, which intrigues them or doesn’t. These brand narratives can feature your actual brand story or a fictional story based on the brand’s values and mission. For example, Cola-Cola is famously known for using polar bears to tell the story about drinking a refreshing Cola-Cola beverage. Now polar bears do not drink Cola-Cola in real-life, but watching an advertisement with a single-or family of polar bears drinking Cola-Cola and receiving pure happiness from it is priceless and a great story to tell. Coca-Cola’s mission is to get customers to drink their beverage happily, and they accomplished it with the multiple tellings of the polar bear narrative.

How to Develop a Strong Brand

  • Start with research to get to know your audience and competitors.
  • Send out surveys. Your customers know more about your brand than you think. Gain some expertise and knowledge from them to help your marketing efforts in a trustworthy way.
  • Build brand loyalty with your customer base. What can you do that will make them not want to show with your competitors? List that down, and factor it into your marketing plans.

Incorporate storytelling in your content marketing today – read this blog post to learn three easy tips to start using now!

Improve Your Marketing Efforts

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