TM Received One Of The Top Advertising & Marketing Agency Award In Michigan

Based in Royal Oak, MI, Trademark Productions is a web development, design, and digital marketing agency that has been rockin’ the web since well-before the cool kids were doing it.

In an era when everyone is a web developer or SEO expert, we stick to one of our founding principles: providing honest and experienced advice that generates real-world results. Last month, Clutch awarded TM one of the Top Advertising and Marketing Agencies in Michigan in their new report on leading B2B firms.

What is Clutch?

Clutch is a B2B marketplace featuring ratings and reviews for over 100 Detroit SEO firms. Clutch helps businesses make the decision about who to hire to solve their firm’s challenges by providing reliable information on top-performing firms centered around client-feedback.

For those valued clients that trusted us with their projects, they expressed their satisfaction with the process and the results. By our clients leaving a review, it increases our agency’s credibility, value, and visibility on the website. Our clients go through an easy, seamless interview process with our Clutch Analyst to verify all of the information we submit on the client’s behalf. Check out one of our reviews below:

We’re also featured on Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest. It’s a B2B firm description platform that features business news and how-to guides for firms to help them improve and develop. Additionally, TM is featured under top digital marketing agencies on Visual Objects, Clutch’s new site. It is a platform that highlights top B2B firms alongside their visual portfolios.

Have Questions?

Our team is honored to be recognized for this Top Advertising & Marketing Agency Award. We appreciate Clutch for providing this platform and our clients who provided us with feedback that helps us grow and improve. Have any questions about this award, Clutch, or other services? Contact us today for additional information!

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