How Hiring a Cheap Freelance Web Developer Can Backfire

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When considering a website build or redesign, there are several avenues you can go down: use a pre-made website template, hire a freelance web developer, or hire a web development agency. 

We’ve previously discussed the limitations that come with template websites, so today we’ll be focusing on the difference between hiring a freelancer and hiring a dedicated web development agency.

What is a Freelancer?

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, “freelance” refers to someone who works “for different companies at different times rather than being permanently employed by one company.” In the web development world, freelancers are everywhere. But finding the right one can be difficult considering the nature of the industry – good websites are an ongoing project that need fine tuning and updates as time goes on.

In an agency, a website starts with a list of goals, needs, and wants. Using that list as a guide, a designer will put together a comp to be built out by a development team. The entire process is managed by a project management team to ensure each goal is achieved and all the completed work is up to a specific standard. Websites can also be worked on by UX specialists, ADA specialists, and even marketing personnel. Building a sound website that looks great is a group effort that takes time and coordination – something you rarely get with a freelancer.

When you hire a freelance web developer, that person is often the entire team. Since it would take an exorbitant amount of time for one person to do the job of 15 people in an agency, you’re often getting a really stripped-down product that hasn’t been OK’d by multiple sets of eyes. While there are fantastic freelancers out there, the majority of the freelance industry is filled with beginners trying to build their portfolio – not seasoned professionals capable of delivering quality, bug-free work.

Why Choose an Agency

Unlike most freelancers, agencies have a well-developed team that sets aside time to work on your projects to deliver them by strict deadlines. Your neighbor’s family friend that happens to do some freelance in their spare time isn’t going to give you the kind of customer service and attention to detail that your company deserves.

What many business owners and freelancers also fail to consider is the amount of software maintenance that’s needed after a site has been built. Technology is ever-changing and the internet is a very different place from what it was just 2 years ago. Websites need constant tweaks, plugins need updates, and content needs regular revisions. When you choose a cheap freelancer instead of an agency, there’s no guarantee that they will be available (or even respond to your messages) when something goes wrong.

Hire a Professional Web Development Agency

If you value your website’s longevity and are looking for a professional, experienced agency to partner with, look no further! Trademark Productions has a dedicated group of developers, designers, UX experts, project management, and digital marketers. We’ve been around since the ‘90s, and aren’t going away any time soon.

Interested in learning more about what we can do for your business? Contact us or leave us a comment below!

2 responses to “Should You Hire a Freelance Web Developer?

Posted by Daniel Chege

As an experienced website designer myself, I highly recommend you get a web developer who knows more than how to design a website. He should know white hat SEO, and social media marketing strategies that will scale your search engine ranking faster, and enable you to stay ahead of your competition at all times.

Posted on August 20, 2020 at 5:09 am

Posted by Correct Digital

Thank you for this. I believe in quality. Web developer for agency is made by team of professionals while for freelancer , you will depend on the individual skill and might end up with a not deserving landing page.

Posted on January 14, 2022 at 5:33 am

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