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Road signs, Fenty Beauty, and YouTube creators – these are just a few of the things that inspire us at TM. Join Jailyn, Morgan, and Tyler as they discuss all things inspiration and how we incorporate our inspirations into our work.


In this episode, we are opening with an icebreaker with Tyler, TM’s Creative Director, to test his knowledge on popular company logos. Tyler will guess the brand after we read the following descriptive phrases.

  1. The standard red and white you see is a classic favorite and uses aluminum and plastic material to help quench individuals’ thirsts.
    Answer: Cola-Cola
  2. This eight-bar logo, designed by legend Paul Rand, replace this preexisting logo of the company’s three-letters bolded in black. The change reflected the change of emphasis from stability to speed.
    Answer: IBM
  3. This is another three-letter logo that is simplistic and shows off its vibrant television shows by incorporating bright colors in a line.
    Answer: NBC

Finding Inspiration

Each brand mentioned in the icebreaker has all inspired us one way or another, knowing or unknowingly. That’s the beauty of inspiration. It can come from just about anywhere and at any time. It can inspire you to write, draw, change your thoughts and mindset, or just change how you perceive others’ thoughts.

Brands We’re Inspired By


Fenty Beauty

Launched in September 2017, Fenty Beauty is a cosmetics brand created by singer Rihanna. Before its launch, they . began doing social media marketing. Even though Rihanna’s name alone can get a huge number of followers, it didn’t need to because the marketing did enough talking. Their innovativeness and inclusion of skin tones set them apart from other well-known cosmetic brands, which resonated more with their entire audience. 

Their marketing included subtle hints about products before they dropped with a release date, visually-stunning images, and videos – giving their audience exactly what they want, in which Jailyn was sold on every product they offered even without trying it first.


Dreamville is a record label community established by Jermaine Cole, better known as J. Cole, Grammy-nominated artist and producer. The record label is more than just music, they are a well-versed, cohesive family of artists changing the way music is created and marketed. Outside of their website and social (Instagram), their branding is thorough and thoughtfully approach because they truly understand who their audience.



Though Morgan is more critical of their products/services now than she was 10 years ago, she has always been a huge fan of Apple and their innovation, branding, and cutting-edge products. Steve Jobs was and still is a big inspiration of hers; Apple under his leadership was really at the forefront of technological and design innovation.

When she was first got into media production/photography/creative hobbies, Apple’s tools inspired her to do more with her craft, as it did for a lot of people.


HeyClaire is a social media influencer that Morgan has always considered a big inspiration. She started as a makeup artist and transitioned into doing social media later on. From this, she’s created a brand which is grounded in authenticity, passion, and elegance. She is an inspiration in terms of video editing, personal fashion, interior design, and makeup. Morgan attributes much of my personal style in the way she presents herself, as well as the way she edits video/other media to HeyClaire.



There are bigger web agencies in the world, but these guys grew to where they are by doing things right and being a master of their messaging. Tyler idolizes them as an agency and references them regularly as a motivational force to continue pushing TM. They have a visual prowess that is simple, yet powerful.


Tyler has been an avid gamer for many, many years – but his reason for listing Blizzard here as inspiration comes truly from a branding sense. They have a wide network of games and endeavors, and he has seen how they’ve evolved to not only encompass their ever-expanding product offering, but also stay modern with the web (in terms of visual, device/browser support, and functional technology). He references their network of sites regularly to see what they’ve begun to newly employ.

Tips to Help You Find Inspiration

  • Think outside of the box when looking for inspiration. Go for a walk, a drive, or do something out of the ordinary.
  • Don’t stress yourself out trying to find inspiration – let it naturally come to you.
  • Do some research. Learn more about what your favorite brands, companies, and entrepreneurs are doing. This may spark some inspiration in the right direction for you.

Don’t Rush

Like we mentioned earlier, inspiration can come from just about anywhere and at any time. When it does, let it flow from your work life to your personal life.

If you have any questions for Jailyn, Morgan, or Tyler, leave them below in our comments section. We’d be happy to answer them!

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