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In this digital era, millions of customers are now going online to do their shopping.

With such an enormous demand, online store owners must innovate to reach their customers and make their products easily accessible.

Thankfully, modern technologies have emerged to help you. One of them is artificial intelligence (AI). In this post, let me share with you how you can use AI in your online business so you can get more sales and improve how you run your process.

Here are four uses.

AI in Email Marketing Optimization

For your email marketing campaigns to succeed, you need to apply some strategies, like personalization, stellar subject lines, and scheduled deliveries.

When done manually though, such strategies can eat up your time and energy. That is where AI comes in to help you optimize your email marketing. Use tools like Phrasee.


Phrasee asks you to input information like your email list size, schedule for sending emails, etc.

One of its AI-powered capabilities is generating subject lines your subscribers will more likely click and lets you select the one you want to use.

Pharesee at work

Phrasee uses deep-learning algorithms and natural language generation to maintain your online store’s voice, sound human, and learn from your customers’ responses.

These and other abilities help you optimize your emails and increase your conversions and revenue.

Here’s an extra tip: understanding AI capabilities like these can take you far in gaining a competitive edge.

The good news is if you’re interested to learn about AI and its applications to your business, you can enroll in an artificial intelligence course.

If you’re committed to learning, over time, you can master them and develop techniques and tools that you can use for your business.

AI in Voice Search Command

Besides speed and simplicity, the convenience makes for a memorable online shopping experience.

On average, a person types around 40 words per minute but speaks about 130 words. This information tells you that a person can speak faster than he can type. Plus, speaking takes less effort than typing.

So if given a chance, when searching for products, it’s more likely you would prefer saying the name of the item because it’s more convenient.

Fortunately, AI makes that happen through voice search command. Take, for example, Amazon smart device Echo and its virtual assistant Alexa. You can even become a virtual assistant yourself and earn a nice income from the comfort of your own home.

Amazon AI Search

Alexa is one of the top AI technologies that took the world by storm.

With Alexa, you can ask out loud for great deals or regular items available on Amazon and direct it to run the errand of buying for you. This takes off the time and burden of going to the grocery store yourself, especially for only a few purchases.

AI voice command can enhance your customer patronage as it becomes an efficient helping hand to search and buy items from your online business. 

AI in Sales Analysis

Obtaining data about your online store sales has become richer and more focused in this digital era. You can get sales data and insight from your online store activities, social networking sites, advertisements, split tests, and others. However, with the depth and volume of sales data available, it can get overwhelming and time-consuming for you to review them all.

The good thing is AI can substantially quicken the process of getting the most critical information. It also does much of the work for you in analyzing your data. To help you sort through your data and extract insight, you can employ AI-powered sales analysis tools, like Growbots.

Growbots lets you connect with your online store’s qualified leads. This enables you to focus on leads with the most promising potential and speed up your outbound sales process. Growbots is able to help you do tasks because of its powerful machine learning capabilities.

Machine learning automates data analysis. By doing so, computers learn and adjust through experience to perform particular tasks even without definitive programming. The sales analysis is 1 of the 4 uses of AI in your online business.

Online store owners like you can very much benefit from machine learning.  In fact, if you’re piqued and interested in the concept, why don’t you take the time to learn it? You can do so by enrolling in a machine learning online certification training course.

There you will learn its concepts and practical applications through course projects you can harness for your online store. For instance, you can learn to build fare prediction systems for Uber or income requirement forecast for Inter-American Development Bank.

These are only some of the wealth of lessons you can pick up from the course and enhance as you go through it.

AI in Autocomplete Searches

In your online store, you aim to boost your conversions by giving your shoppers a fast, straightforward, and unforgettable experience.

One of the ways you can do that is through autocomplete searches. Such a feature helps your shoppers discover product ideas they haven’t previously thought of. This leads to longer average session time and more profit for you.

To have the feature on your online store, you can install an AI-powered tool, like Nextopia, into your eCommerce website. To show you how it works, I entered “dress” as an example in the search box shown below:


The tool then shows you a list of related products, like a Safari, Suede Dress, Shoe, or a Second Unit Brocade Dress. Nextopia adapts to your customer’s behavior and displays the top-performing items, hence increasing chances for your customer to make a purchase.

Use AI now

With the myriad benefits AI offers your online store, you do yourself and your customers a big favor when you use this technology. That said, be sure to invest in AI and start using it ASAP. It might spell a huge difference in your customer engagement, conversions, and profit.

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