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Website Hosting

After years of successfully building and hosting custom websites, TM has learned that each website is different, with its own specific demands. We take great pride in honoring our clients’ individuality, which is why we chose the best website hosting servers and why we chose to work with a Michigan-based company LiquidWeb. TM’s dedicated client servers work with each unique website’s demands to deliver increased value – and a seamless website experience overall.

What’s Website Hosting & Why Do I Need it?

As defined on WP Beginner’s Guide for WordPress, web hosting is where “all the files of your website live.” Website hosting makes information accessible online to individuals through the World Wide Web, which is crucial to business success.

Each website needs hosting in such an environment because of the full ownership it provides. Without this ownership, websites hosted on free platforms are subject to having difficulties, such as website crashes, content loss, and even being hacked.

Website Hosting with Magento Ecommerce
The Bulk Store uses one of our dedicated servers to make their customers’ sweet dreams come true!

Top 3 Reasons to Host with TM

Hosting with TM creates great value for our clients.

  1. TM hosts websites on our own dedicated servers.
    TM’s website hosting comes with full server reliability and no over-saturation. We manage our own servers, with the help of LiquidWeb, so that clients can enjoy benefits like fast page loading speeds and great website security.
  2. TM is your direct contact for website help.
    Creating, hosting, and maintaining a custom website is no joke and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart! TM understands the intricate difficulties that each website has. That’s why we offer our expertise during each step of our development process to contribute to the best website hosting experience possible. TM’s developers are extremely versed in “all things tech,” so server issues are caught quickly and solved easily.
  3. We love the work we produce!
    Since the 90’s, TM has produced outstanding custom websites in many different industries. Our top-notch skills guarantee a great experience when working with our agency. Developed with TM’s superior base code, each website presents with the very best in performance, design, and search engine optimization possible. These features ensure one-of-a-kind functionality and an impeccable online presence.
Website Hosting on TM's Dedicated Servers
TM offers easy and reliable website hosting services.


Our amazing developers provide the following services for website hosting solutions specific to your business needs.

Ready to Host With TM?

Website hosting with TM will bring next-level authority to your online presence. Contact us for a free consultation or estimate today!

Looking for a custom CMS solution or a website built for eCommerce success? TM is the agency to have on your side. We’re truly your partner, and not just a vendor.

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