The birds are chirping and the snow is melting (in most places), which means that it’s time for some good old fashioned Spring Cleaning! 

It’s Time for Spring Cleaning

When’s the last time you checked your website’s performance? Or the even bigger question, when was the last time its design was refreshed? How’s your social media strategy?

Now’s the time to sweep away those 404 cobwebs and polish your content like a sparkling gem. Let’s get you and your brand up-to-date with the latest industry standards!

Refresh our Website

Top 3 Reasons to Refresh & Update

  1. Security: It’s incredibly important to do a little cleaning and update plugins to keep your website safe. At a startling nine times out of ten, security exploits occur because a site is running an outdated version.
  2. Performance: Often after an update, you’ll notice newer features that make it easier to post content, monitor users, and more! Upgrading also increases the opportunity for better conversions and interactions on the site as a whole.
  3. Compatibility & Bugs: Is updating your website is last on your “list of things to do?” If so, you’re bound to run in to compatibility issues or even put your site at risk of breaking, or malicious software.

Learn More: Custom Website Development

At TM, each website is coded to our client’s specifications and needs, making it a completely custom tool for each business.

From custom software, ecommerce builds, B2B, and everything in between-
we’ll create the perfect solution for you!

SEO Audit Report Spring Cleaning
Spring into action! Simply fill out our form for your personal FREE SEO Audit tool & within an hour receive your next steps to a healthy SEO score.

Your Personalized & Free SEO Audit Results

We believe in long-term strategic SEO strategies with complete transparency and lasting results. Because a great SEO strategy is so important, we’ve made running an initial audit quick and easy.

Therefore, take a few minutes to get your FREE SEO Audit and find out the first steps to getting your SEO health back on track this spring!

The amazing, FREE SEO audit tool includes…

1. Total SEO Score

First, you will receive your total SEO score is between 0% and 100%. This score takes into account the number of errors and warnings found while crawling your site, in relation to the number of pages. So the higher the percentage the healthier your site is!

2. Number of Crawled Pages

Second, you’ll receive a breakdown of up to 25 pages from your site, which shows how many pages are healthy, need help, or are blocked from being crawled.

3. Top 3 Issues

Third, you’ll receive your top three issues: 1 error, 1 warning, and 1 notice as an initial guideline for next-steps.

Check Your Website’s Content & Put a Plan Of Action Together!

Once you have your in-depth SEO Audit done, you’ll have a list of pages with content that needs to be updated.

Creating original content is one of the best and most important things you can do.

Use your own, unique ideas!

Using your own, unique ideas establishes you, or your company, as an authority in your industry. If you’re constantly using content from other sites or externally linking to other websites, what’s going to keep your audience glued to your site? Why return time and time again if your audience can get information (that you’ve endorsed, by the way) elsewhere?

Your own perspective and personality are what people are drawn to, embrace it! You’ll plenty of things to talk about to ensure that your pages have the minimum 400-word count, by simply embracing what you already know.

Write Great Title Tags & Meta Keywords

Not to be confused with the title attribute, a title tag is (typically) the blue link that shows up when you search in a search engine. It’s also the text you see at the top of your browser window, or when you bookmark a page.

It is imperative that each page of your site has a unique title that describes what the page is about. The optimal length for your page title is between 200 and 568 pixels.

Title tags should contain keywords and capture people’s attention when they see it in the SERP. Meta keywords are a specific type of meta tag that appeared in the HTML code of a website. Additionally, this helps tell search engines what the topic of the page was.

Create Plan Of Action

After your initial free SEO audit, we highly recommend diving in deeper to create a detailed list of SEO fixes. This list should be organized according to what’s most important to least important: errors, warnings, and notices. It is very important to take care of the errors first since those will have the most impact on your SEO score.

Share Your Content on Social Media

Social sharing drives website traffic. You don’t want to miss easy website views (and potential sales) by forgetting to allow your content to be shared easily. We’ve written about creating shareable content before, so if you need a more in-depth look, read here!

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We know that SEO can be confusing. We’re ready to be your SEO partner and get everything back on track!  

Conduct a Social Media Audit

TM conducts a full social audit and provides improvement recommendations based on each platform. These recommendations will help your brand create, develop, build, and manage your social media presence, while simultaneously creating understanding and consistency within your own internal marketing or social media team.

 Ready For Your Spring Cleaning?

For more help on updating your website or social media strategy today, tips, or just to say hello – contact us!

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