When we think of National Earth Day we don’t always think about packaging companies. But, when we do, we think about MJS Packaging.

MJS Packaging is a leading packaging solutions provider who makes an incredible effort to offer recyclable plastic and glass options – two things we know that help the environment exponentially. Throughout their rich history, MJS Packaging has distinguished themselves through their unrivaled enthusiasm for innovation, versatility, capabilities, relationships, and by committing to superior customer service in everything they do.

MJS Packaging is also dedicated to creating content that shows the recyclability of their product offerings, as well as highlighting 2018 packaging trends which show how much consumers care about:

  • Recyclability
  • Eco-Friendly Options
  • Organic Products

We reached out to MJS Packaging in order to get a closer look at their business and came away with 3 key takeaways: it’s all about glass, it’s time to take a closer look at plastic, and how MJS Packaging takes sustainability to the next level.

It’s All About Glass.

Glass is infinitely recyclable and where MJS Packaging actually got their start. To this day they continue to provide a large number of glass packaging solutions to their customers.

glass jar recyclability MJS Packaging

Taking A Look at Plastic.

Throughout our dealings with MJS Packaging, we’ve come to intimately understand the challenges that many manufacturers and businesses face when shipping their products long distances. With increasing freight costs, and therefore overall product costs, packaging companies offer businesses more lightweight options, like plastic.

Over the past years, consumers (and the world) have become increasingly concerned about the amount of plastic waste that is polluting our earth. Packaging companies have also started responding in kind.

Today, the majority of plastic that MJS Packaging provides as a packaging solution is recyclable and it’s impressive to see their commitment to spreading the word. They’ve even written blogs about PCR, PIR, and PET plastic, which is a 100% recyclable plastic and marked with the designation “1” inside the recycle symbol imprinted on each product.

In order for this recyclable plastic help the environment, we must be responsible and committed consumers that are dedicated to placing every plastic item we buy in the recycle bin!

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Taking Sustainability Even Further.

MJS Packaging looks beyond the packaging materials themselves when it comes to sustainability and also focuses on creating lightweight containers and closures. By creating lighter options, less material is used in the creation of such solutions, which lessens their carbon footprint. Flexible packaging also has these same advantages in terms of a lessened carbon footprint, optimizing freight, and creating recyclable packaging solutions for consumers during their busy on-the-go lifestyles.

 MJS Packaging
It takes an effort from all of us to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Let’s renew our efforts for National Earth Day and protect this beautiful place we call our home.

Go Green with MJS Packaging: Sustainable Packaging Ideas!

MJS Packaging has written an entire blog dedicated to sustainable packaging ideas, in an effort to not only educate consumers about the options surrounding green packaging but to educate their customers as well.

Eliminate Outer Packaging. MJS Packaging encourages companies to take a second look at their product packaging. For example, if a beauty product comes in a beautiful glass jar, they might be able to eliminate the box that it originally came in and highlight the beauty of the original product.

Fit Your Packaging to the Product. An easy way for companies to rethink their packaging is to revisit which materials they’ve been using, as well as technological advances. It’s possible that by designing new packaging, you may be able to choose a new package that’ll lessen your environmental impact!

Explore Second-Life Packaging. With some creative effort, many packages can be reused once the product has been used. This might be a child’s art project or container for other household items like cleaning supplies.

Highlight Your Product’s Green Aspects. Educating consumers is one of the most important things a company can do. If you’re eco-friendly and your packaging and products are too, highlight that on your product labels!  You just might see a boost of sales when consumers realize your product offers this additional value.

Put Sustainable Packaging Ideas to Work. It’s not enough to just think about being green, you have to put your green initiatives into action!

So, whether your glass jar is half full or half empty, this Earth Day we challenge you to think outside the box, revisit your prior packaging, rethink your recycling habits, and get outside to enjoy nature!

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