Here at TM, we are Magento 2 development experts. We empower business owners everywhere to become an online success. If you’re trying to figure out if your ecommerce website needs to be rebuilt from an existing platform, or completely rebuilt from scratch, you won’t need to look any further than Magento 2. It’s the top ecommerce platform in the world for a reason.

We sat down with TM’s Senior Developer, Josh Bourke, and Lead Developer, Mark Verstraete, to talk about:

  1. The Magento 2 platform
  2. Why TM is one of the best when it comes to Magento 2
  3. Who should be investing in, and building on, Magento 2 

What is Magento 2?

Magento 2 is an open-source, ecommerce platform, written in PHP. Released at the end of 2015, Magento 2’s purpose was to provide companies new ways to create smooth navigation, improve advanced marketing needs such as SEO, and heighten the user experience.

“Magento 2 is extremely modular. You can build anything a client could possibly ask for – it’s that flexible.” – Mark

Website Build Magento 2

We Are One of the Best & We Build the Best

  • TM designs and builds custom to our client’s needs. We don’t use templates that will cause our client’s problems and more money.
  • We have dozens of custom Magento builds under our belt and have built even more Magento modules.
  • All the Magento builds we create are fully responsive, sizing appropriately for every screen size.
  • We build extensions and assemble website software so that it can be upgraded without breaking.
  • We can integrate Magento with internal systems such as ERPs, POS systems, accounting software, and more. You can read more on our Third-Party Integrations here.
  • We also have experience with multi-store which allows multiple websites to be run off the same install. This is another level of experience that most people don’t have.

We build Magento websites right.

“Other coders don’t care about your product. We do! I drink several cups of coffee, have a red bull and JUST F****** CODE!” – Josh

It starts with a good attitude

All laughs aside, that is the mentality here. A great developer is one that cares about the product. A positive attitude can mean the difference between, “This doesn’t work at all, screw it!” and “This doesn’t work, let’s fix it!”

This mentality keeps our developers interested in what they’re coding and gives them a complete sense of ownership.

We Keep Studying

Technology is ever-evolving. As one coding standard is implemented, another becomes outdated. However, while the coding languages we use don’t really change, the “standards” as to how they’re used change frequently.

Magento Code Framework
Magento 2 code framework, straight from our developers!

We’ve Been With Magento From the Beginning

As a company, TM has been working with Magento for nearly a decade. We’ve built or maintained dozens of Magento sites, have worked with the platform since it was in Open Beta and as it was officially released, and have contributed core software bug fixes.

Throughout the years, TM has also built around 40 Magento modules. These modules range in complexity, but all of them follow Magento’s own coding standards. This makes our work more “future-proof” because Magento updates are less likely to break the software that we build.

The architecture we develop is also built specifically to scale with growth. This means that as your business grows, your website can easily and seamlessly grow along with it.

“I’ve seen so many websites built so sloppily, it’s incredible. There’s no amount of maintenance that can be done to un-f*** it. It’s an impossible task. When you’ve created that much technical debt, it’s hard to solve any problem on the site. To do X, you must first fix A, B, and C because A, B, and C were done far too sloppy in the first place to complete X.” – Josh

The Proof is in the Code

Apple products are great – they just work. It’s the same for us. A software company should never need to talk about the quality of their code. The quality should be apparent. The proof is in the code; it’s that simple.

Magento 2 Builds Are Perfect for Ecommerce-Based Businesses

ecommerce website
Magento boasts a full Content Management System (CMS) for managing pages and block content, as well as a product editor. This makes managing your business online easy as pie, so you can focus on your product development and customer service.

Large brands like Samsung, Nike, Ford, Olympus, Nestle, and millions of others – from small businesses to large commercial enterprises – use Magento around the globe. Here are a few of the reasons that we prefer to build on Magento over any other ecommerce platform.

Manage Your Store’s Content

Your products, categories, and page content can be easily updated. Want to update a product image or change some verbiage on a page? Just log in, make your changes and press the “Save” button. Magento boasts a full CMS for managing pages and block content, as well as an easy to use product editor.

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Responsive Design

Just over a year ago, Google announced that they were implementing a major change to the way its search index would rank sites- it went mobile-first. Their reasoning is based on how consumers used the web- 60% of them are searching from their mobile devices.

It is important for your website to be completely responsive and for your ecommerce store to boast seamless design and great user experience, no matter what device someone comes to your website through.

As consumers continue to shop online, it’s more important than ever to have an ecommerce store that’s equipped with a modern architecture framework. We need to provide a fast user-friendly shopping experience to every website visitor in order to create more conversions and attract returning customers.

Want more information? Visit our Magento Ecommerce Web Development page.

Are you ready to get started on your own Magento 2 project? Contact us.

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