Who doesn’t love Instagram? At TM, our marketing team loves their constant innovation and offered visual features. We’re crazy excited to introduce Instagram’s newest algorithm and feature… IGTV!

What’s IGTV?

IGTV is Instagram’s newest in-app feature. Users can record and watch hour-long vertical videos from other users. Like YouTube, IGTV is claiming space for their app to expand further. 

How Does It Work?

Pictured on the left, the IGTV’s icon is in the upper right-hand corner, next to the direct messages icon. This feature connects users to followers’ content. Users can subscribe to other followers’ channels. Videos begin to play from the following categories below!

  • For You: Based on who you follow and the content you interact with on the app.
  • Following: Videos from the users you follow.
  • Popular: Best-performing videos from users all across Instagram.
  • Continue Watching: Pick up where you left off by watching this tab.

That’s it – you’re now watching content curated by Instagram users.

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New Algorithm

Also, Instagram is updating to a new algorithm, which is the relevancy and format of how posts show. The new style allows your feed to show content based on how you interact with the app – your likes and interests. No more scrolling through an unorganized timeline.

People looking at their phones

According to Later, people will now see 90% of the posts from their friends and family, instead of 50% when it was the chronological feed. This is important to note, especially depending on your purpose for this app.

We found another tutorial from Instasize on using IGTV for brand-building.

What’s New?

Instagram believes these six factors are important to have the best experience:

  • Interest: Instagram wants to learn what you care about. Do you double-click on puppy photos? This style helps you see more puppies at the beginning of your feed. It’s like the Explore tab.
  • Timeliness: Another priority is showing recent posts, so you start seeing newer posts of what you like most. 
  • Relationship: The app now recognizes users who you often interact and engage with as “friends and family.” This will keep their posts close and common to the top of the feed.  
  • Frequency: The number of times you use the app also determines the quality and content of your feed. The more you are on it, the more you will start to see posts from people and pages you like most. 
  • Following: Your following is very important because this is what you see on your feed. 
  • Usage: The length of time spent on the app also determines the quality and content of your feed.

This new algorithm isn’t bringing back chronological order anytime soon. Even though we all hoped it would, it’s a start to help users fall back in love with their timelines again.

Riotly Social Media explains additional elements of Instagram’s new features. Read more.

Let Us Know!

Which Instagram feature are you most excited about – IGTV or the new algorithm? Comment below!

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