Influencer Marketing to Build Brands
Influencers allow you to tap into their fan base, which gives you thousands to millions of new potential customers. Who may not have heard of you before, but should have.

Today is the big day. It’s the endless amounts of mystery chocolate, heartburn flavored candy messages, hearts, diamonds, overpriced dinners for two, Valentine’s Day. Whether you like today or not, the one thing it’s focused around is relationships. It’s from this focus that I’ve come to a conclusion and I need to ask you a question about Influencer Marketing…

Mr. or Ms. Influencer, will you be my Valentine?

Yes or Yes!?! I was hoping for a yes.

Fundamentals of Influencer Marketing

2017 has officially been claimed as the year for influencer marketing. It was a beautiful beginning to a relationship. In fact, in my opinion, it was so beautiful that it’ll put Noah and Allie’s relationship back on the shelf.

Influencer relationships came in many follower sizes and social media platforms. From the famous GaryVee , who seemed to control the social media scene, to Sarah Dietschy who just went viral from a shout out by Casey Neistat on YouTube.

Before social media was in everyone’s back pocket, brands had fewer choices on how to digitally advertise their name to their target demographic. Their main options were SEO or PPC. Now, influencer marketing is merging the new-school of social media presence and the old-school notion of word of mouth. Influencers attach your brand to the relationships that they have built, and with that, comes their followers’ trust and loyalty.

Should You, or Shouldn’t You?

Now that I’ve peaked your interest, you now know of a new way to potentially gain millions of new and eager fans that will purchase your product until the end of time. With this knowledge at your fingertips, the question remains: Should you get into a relationship with an influencer? Or, should you continue to live the single life?

That depends on the following:

  1. What is your brand? Are you in the construction business or are you selling floral arrangements to brides? If you are new or establishing yourself in the floral industry, the answer should be yes. You should connect with an influencer on Instagram who will help eager scrolling brides come to your website. These soon-to-be brides could be looking for anything from the right color palette, tablescapes, backdrops, or bridal and bridesmaids bouquets. With an influencers help, you’ll bring them down the sales funnel and make them a conversion in no time.
  2. Who is your target demographic? Look for an influencer with a fanbase that’s similar to your target demographic. We’ll use Gary Vee for an example. If you sell wine, you’d want to try and get Gary Vee to give you a shout out and you better make sure your wine is (insert expletive here) amazing.
  3. Are you willing to pay? Something you have to know upfront, connecting yourself with a micro-influencer (influencer with under 5,000 engaged fans or followers) or influencer will cost you money. We’re talking anywhere from $1,000 – $5,000 per collaboration. You can read more about that here.
  4. What are your goals? What are you expecting to get out of an influencer relationship? Before you sit down at your desk or start scrolling on your smartphone, ask yourself what your goals are for wanting to work with someone. Maybe you are in an extremely competitive market, you’ve been running PPC ads, but the CPC is just too high. You’ve done the math, and you’ve realized you’ll get more impressions by utilizing an influencers fan base than you would be paying for advertising on Google.

Suggested Resource: Marketing Plan Template

Establish a Relationship

Established Influencer (macro) or an Up & Coming One (micro)?

This is the part where you’ve decided to get into a relationship with an influencer and it’s time to ask a few questions:

  • Who should I look for?
  • Where should I look for them?
  • Do they have a similar fanbase to my target demographic?
  • Aren’t relationships fun?

Oh, the questions…

Established Influencers

When you leverage an established influencer, it means that they’ll be established across multiple social media platforms and have hundreds of thousands of followers, if not millions. Think about the power and reach of that!


However, a monumental benefit to a micro-influencer is typically they are more intimately engaged with their fanbase. Now you have to ask yourself:

Do I want to be mega popular and have a million friends, or do I want a few thousand solid friends, that will pick me up in the middle of the night when my car dies, in the snow?

The answer to this question depends on what your end goals are. Either relationship will have its benefits.

So, I bring you back to your Valentine’s Day. Go out, pick up a bouquet of roses and a card, and get to writing your love letter to your influencer. With some soul searching, they might just say yes.

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Posted by Nick Strite

Great read! Very well done. Love the description on what an influencer is.

Posted on February 13, 2018 at 10:20 am

Posted by Lesley Drewitz

Thanks Mr. Nick!

We are very glad that a fellow writer enjoys the read! We are always very excited when people comment on our blogs. Can’t wait to see what you think of our upcoming blogs. Here is a hint, it is going to be insta’tly important. ;)

Posted on February 14, 2018 at 3:01 pm

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