Your social media is rapidly gaining followers and you’re socializing on Instagram better than ever before. You must have read our blog, “The Most Important Step to Gain Instagram Followers,”  right? Hooray!  Now, the question is, how frequently should you be posting on Instagram? How much is too little, or too much?

How Frequently to Post on Social
Don’t post just to post! That’s the quickest way to derail a good social media strategy.

Three Simple Points Will Help You Decide How Often to Post on Instagram

One of the most common mistakes brands make when trying to build a following is over posting.

Many do this thinking that the more they post, the more likely that their brand will be discovered. Why this is partially true, posting too frequently will bombard your followers, and they’ll end up unfollowing you in massive numbers.

Posting on social media should be crafted with the mindset of providing value to your target audience. 

1. Engagement Level

Your followers will largely dictate how much engagement you are receiving and how much you should post. The more followers relate to the content you’re posting, the more they’ll like, comment, follow you for the long term. This should all be with the intention of making the conversion; whether that’s purchasing flowers or signing up for your blog.

  • If your images are receiving over 10% engagement (if you have 1,000 followers, 100 followers are liking and commenting on your post) then you’re killing it!
  • Posting 3x per week is a good starting point when you’re just getting used to Instagram and you have a low follower count.
  • Once you get 1,000 followers, increasing it to 7x a week is a good way to test the waters and see how interested your followers really are in your content.

If your engagement dips, you know that you’re posting too much.

2-3. Top Days and Peak Hours

It is recommended by CoSchedule, among other sources, to post 1-2 times per day during your peak hours. Between 8-9AM is recommended; however, pay attention to the analytics on your Instagram account on what top days and peak hours to post.

These two checkpoints really go hand and hand, which is why Instagram has conveniently put them in the same Insights section. You can see per day, what times that your followers are the most typically active.

Using this information, along with utilizing Instagrams best practices for branded content and proper use of hashtags, will maximize your posts likelihood of being discovered. 

Note: If your account is under 100 followers this data will not be available. It is best to go with the recommended time of 8-9AM until your data becomes available. 

Posting on Instagram Story

How Frequently to post on Instagram

Another way to get your brand discovered is to post on Instagram Story.

Stories give Instagram’s nearly 200 million followers the ability to access behind the scenes content for an exclusive feel, along with additional advertising abilities.

The content that lives on your profile wall needs to be polished and high quality, while stories allow you to post without cluttering up your wall. It also shows that you are active and engaged.


By using location tags and hashtags, followers (even ones that don’t follow you) can discover your story posts.

For example, if you use a “Royal Oak” location tag, your post has a chance of showing up in Royal Oak’s story, and anyone who views it can see your story within that feed.

When someone is searching through a hashtag, your stories with that specific hashtag will appear at the top of the feed. It’s a great way to create new fans!

Outbound Links

If your account has more than 10k+ followers, you get the ability to “swipe-up.” This feature allows you to include an outbound link to drive traffic and sales. You do this by

  1. Adding a photo or video to your story
  2. Hit the paperclip icon in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Add your URL
  4. Add the URL to your story and you’ll see it now says “swipe up!”

You can get also creative with content by creating an arrow that points to the “swipe up” text, or any other moving imagery to direct people’s eyes to that part of the screen.

Ready to put these tips into action?

Give us a call to discuss on when and how frequently you should be posting on Instagram!

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