What is GatherContent?

GatherContent is a SaaS online platform to create, edit, and review website content. This platform is perfect for new website designs, sections, rebuilds, and CMS re-platforming.

GatherContent provides inclusivity for TM and its clients. It eliminates endless emails and documents, so information isn’t lost in translation.

TM loves great online software systems. They make the writing process for website content simple for our clients. That’s why we use GatherContent! It allows TM to collaborate with our clients and focus on creating the best website content – all in one place.

In this blog, TM will explain:

  • GatherContent’s 5 Key Features
  • How to use GatherContent

Let’s dive in!

5 Key GatherContent Features

GatherContent offers five key features for businesses to write and edit content.

It’s easy to organize, structure, produce, manage, and migrate content all in one place.

The Content page is where all of your website’s pages live.
  1. Organize: This is the first and most important feature. Clients import all current website content, and computer files into GatherContent. This software also creates an inventory to organize content. The inventory gives each project contributor access to it. A sitemap is also available, so you always know where each section lives on the website.
  2. Structure: TM creates specific templates for clients to understand how to structure content. This ensures content is well-written, appropriate for their website, and ready for publishing. Templates are great to adhere to an established timeline and content requirements. You can also set word and character limits, as well as attach files.
  3. Produce: This is where TM’s marketing team comes into play. Our team writes, reviews, and edits the website content, depending on the project. GatherContent sends notifications to update all contributors. 
  4. Manage: This feature creates a workflow chart to show all timelines and responsibilities. TM updates contributors’ assignments and can update clients on the project’s timeline progression.
  5. Migrate: TM migrates it into the CMS platform of choice, such as WordPress, when it’s approved – then, it’s ready to go!

How To Use GatherContent

Parts of GatherContent

  • Overview: The overview project homepage shows the project status and recent activity done.
  • Content: The website’s main pages are in this tab. From here, TM adds and manages content for each web page. To maintain the project timeline, TM and the client set content to a particular status and add a due date.
  • Templates: GatherContent’s templates are item structures to apply website items and pages. If the client has many pages with the same structure, then templates are very useful and save time.
  • Files: All visual content, including photos and videos, live in this tab to keep files all in one place.
  • Calendar: The calendar tab shows upcoming due dates for each status.
  • Content Map: This tab shows how the website’s pages connect to the entire website.

GatherContent Process

This video demonstrates how clients will enter their information into designated content fields.

Workflow Labels

The following labels are GatherContent defaults. Titles can change to reflect a comfortable editing process for both parties.

  • Not Populated Yet: There’s no information added to a specific page. GatherContent notifies clients of which pages are empty and in need of content.
  • Drafting: The initial content, or outline, lives in this status. Clients import quick thoughts, old website content, and chunks of unfinished content pieces.
  • Copy Review and Testing: All contributors review content and test its initial performance.
  • Editing: From the Copy Review and Testing results, the client will provide the edits.
  • Approval: After completing the content, it is now in the approval status by the client.
  • Legal Review: The client’s legal team reviews the approved website content. This step ensures all content is up to par and meets legal company standings.
  • Publishing: TM’s marketing team migrates approved content into the client’s CMS platform.
  • Live on CMS: Content produced on GatherContent is live on the client’s website and visible to the world!

TM Offers GatherContent as a Service For:

  • Custom Website Builds
  • Ongoing Website Content
  • Marketing & Editorial Content
  • Email Marketing Content
Interested in TM creating copywriting content for your website or email marketing campaigns? Contact us today to start a conversation.

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