Instagram is a fun, extremely visual social media platform, and with 800 million users, it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss our on using. If your brand does chose to utilize the Instagram platform in all its glory, it’s important to know exactly how you can grab the attention of users and gain Instagram followers yourself!

The Most Important Step to Gain Instagram Followers

In my best radio voice: “One small article for TM, one giant following for Instagram!

Gaining Instagram Followers
If you are looking for a good guide to spruce up your social media strategy check out our social media guide.

Our client Zen Teachings, was struggling to gain followers on Instagram. They were already following some best practice Instagram tips like:

  • Posting 2-3 times per week
  • Posting on Instagram Story
  • Creating great branded content
  • Using proper hashtags

Still, Zen Teaching’s Instagram followers stayed around 100, with only 30-40 likes per post. Understandably the client was starting to get very discouraged. It didn’t seem that Instagrammers were responding to their posts, which are aimed at helping people strengthen their mindbody, and spirit for the battle within.

The TM Marketing team put our heads together and completed a social media audit. It was then that we realized Zen Teachings was missing a crucial step in gaining followers- engagement!

Instagram is a social media channel, so it is a social environment. It’s crucial to genuinely engage with your followers and other Instagrammers if you want to grow your following! You can read more about how to be social on social media by reading our blog, Social Media: Participation Required.

Create + Post + Like + Comment + Repeat

It’s All About Engagement

If you want Instagrammers to engage with you, then you need to engage with them! Genuinely like and comment on their pictures. Just don’t post a smiley face or pumping iron arms and expect people to engage back. It’s very obvious when interactions are genuine and when they’re fake.

Hashtag Research

One of the best ways to find Instagrammers that have similar interests to your brand is to conduct a little hashtag research. You will be able to see other users that are using the same hashtag and figure out which hashtags are the most popular, or completely useless to your brand!

zen teachings instagram success
The person you are destined to be is already within you. Zen Teachings will help you find him.

Zen Teachings Gained 100+ followers in 2 Days

Really guys, can’t make this up! Zen Teachings shot up from 110 followers to 228 followers in just two days! The power of genuine engagement is real and the power of growing an organic following is undeniable.

True, 200 might seem small now, but if Zen Teachings keeps up the momentum, they will be in the thousands in no time.

Ready to put these tips into action?

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