When’s the last time you checked how your site is performing? Was it when you first launched your website? Perhaps you work on SEO often and just need a check-up to see how all your hard work is paying off. Well, we’ve just made your life a little easier by offering a FREE SEO Audit Tool! 

Trademark Productions SEO Audit
At TM, we believe in long-term, strategic SEO strategies with complete transparency and lasting results. Even though our SEO strategies are built for the long term, we made running your audit quick and easy!

Personalized & Free SEO Audit Results

All you need to provide is:

  • Your website’s address
  • An email to send our amazing report to
  • Your phone number,  this part is optional

Within an hour you will receive an initial SEO Audit of your website to help you understand where your site stands.

Using our FREE SEO Audit Tool You’ll Receive This Amazing Data:

Total SEO Score

Your total score is a percentage between 0% and 100% that takes into account the number of errors and warnings found while crawling your site, in relation to the number of pages. The higher the percentage the healthier your site is!

Example of a Free SEO Audit Tool

For this example, 95% was scored- GREAT JOB! But, getting a 95% score doesn’t mean it’s time to start slacking. But even these great results could be “better,” according to Dwight, our fearless leader.

Crawled Pages

You’ll also receive a breakdown of up to 25 pages from your site, which shows how many pages are found healthy, need help, or are blocked by the crawler.

Free SEO AuditTop 3 Issues

From the crawled page, we’ll give you your top three issues as an overall guideline for next-steps.

1. Errors

Errors from the Free SEO Audit will be displayed in red and will have a large impact on your total SEO score.

Slow Response Time

The pages of your website should respond in 3 seconds or less, but anything under 4 seconds is considered okay. Page speed is a Google ranking factor, which means that if website pages don’t load quickly, visitors are likely to leave your site, or “bounce” from the page. If users are bouncing off your pages, this also affects your rankings. Search engines will assume that your webpage was not a good match for the user’s query and therefore penalize you in SERPs.


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2. Warnings

Warnings from the Free SEO Audit will be displayed in orange. These will have less of an impact than errors in your overall SEO score and should be considered a “medium priority” issue.

Low Text/HTML Ratio

Warnings from the Free SEO Audit could include your website having a low text to HTML ratio. SEO best practices dictate that each website page should have at least 400 words of high quality, unique content. So put yourself in your website visitors shoes. Do you give the important and useful information that they need in an easily digestible manner? 

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3. Notices

Notices from the Free SEO Audit will be displayed in blue. These are considered the least severe infraction when compared to errors and warnings. So notices are suggestions that help your SEO be the best!

No HSTS Support

HSTS or HTTP Strict Transport Security is a response header that tells user agents to only access HTTPS pages, even when directed to an HTTP page.

Therefore, using HSTS Support will eliminate redirects, speed up response time, and provide extra security to your site!

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TM's Free SEO Audit

Armed with expectations of what awesomeness can come from our free SEO Audit, are you ready to get optimized?

Ready. Set. GO!

Ask us about the SEO retainer services to see how we can help your company long term. If you’re a local business needing foot traffic, let us help you with your Local SEO! 

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