Great content marketing inspires action.

What is content marketing? It’s marketing by creating and sharing online materials, such as blogs, social media posts, videos, infographics, white papers, ebooks, and more!

When you spend time creating valuable content that educates your consumers, it guides them from one point in the sales funnel to a conversion. How do we know this for sure? Thanks to a great study from Conductor Research, we now have proof of the power content marketing truly has in purchasing decisions.

Likelihood of Purchase Immediately After Consuming Content

What do you think the likelihood of someone purchasing your product or service immediately after reading a piece of content is?

News flash. People were 131% more likely to buy from a brand if they had just consumed content, when compared to those who hadn’t read any content!

content marketing

In order to write great content, make sure what you’re writing is truly valuable to consumers. Create content that’s new, unique, and helpful to each person that’ll be reading it. If you’re doing that, the content will also be easily sharable! This is great for both your consumer and your business; the more shares or links your content gets, the more exposure you’ll receive.

Of course, always remember not to be too salesy. Content that’s too self-promotional will come off as just that and potentially turn off consumers! That’s the opposite of what we’re trying to do with content marketing.

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Likelihood of Purchasing a Week After Consuming Content

One week after reading educational content, consumers were still 48% more likely to purchase from that brand compared to consumers who had not read a piece of educational content.

content marketing impact

Research came to find that a time delay only increased the number of consumers who thought that the brand was trustworthy. When people read your great original content and they’re given time to let the information sink in, it makes even more of a positive impact.

These findings strongly support the importance of customer-first marketing. When brands take time to create content that’s valuable to the customer, instead of just pushing sales and their own agenda all the time, everyone wins.

Effect of Educational Content on Brand Affinity & Trust

Your brand’s affinity is the most valuable level of customer relationship you can have with consumers. It’s based on the mutual belief that both the consumer and your brand share common values, which therefore creates a great amount of brand trust.

Creating valuable content is one of the best ways to increase brand affinity. In fact, when deciding between four different brands, 83.6% of consumers who read a piece of educational content by a brand chose that brand when prompted to purchase over all the other brands.

content marketing impact on brand trust

In addition, 64% of consumers also felt like a brand was more trustworthy after they’d read a piece of educational content created by that brand.

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